All about onions as vegetable

All about onions as vegetable

Onions are a vegetable which is practically in each kitchen. It is loved and eaten in many countries of the world. Onions are a part of a set of dishes and have the mass of useful qualities.


1. Onions belong to family onions or a lily family. The Mediterranean where it was estimated is considered the homeland of onions and began to grow up in the IV millennium BC.

2. There are more than 400 types of onions, but only 18 representatives of this family are edible. The most known are: onions, leek, shallot, Welsh onion, shnitt-onions (onions-rezanets), garlic.

3. The most widespread are the onions. It one-year and depending on the percentage of essential oils is subdivided into sweet, semi-sharp, sharp and bitter grades. The onions are very widely used in cookery, its medicinal properties are also known.

4. Onions shallot – the closest relative of onions. It treats biannual plants and is good for cultivation of greens. Shallot has oblong shape and the delicate saturated flavor similar to garlic. However unlike garlic, it is digested easier and doesn't affect freshness of breath. Shallot enjoys wide popularity at the French culinary specialists and is used in preparation of salads and sauces.

5. Leek – vegetable, ideal for storage, even being in the basement, it continues to accumulate vitamins. The top part of a leek is similar to a garlic stalk. Leek is widely used in cookery. It is used fresh and also dried and added as seasoning to various dishes. Usually use stalks and leaves of a young leek, they still fresh and juicy so far.

6. Welsh onion is appreciated the greens. It perfectly expands, well branches and the first the yields "a green harvest". Leaves of Welsh onion add to salads, soups and second courses. This winter-hardy perennial plant, during the spring-summer it is possible to reap two crops.

7. Shnitt-luk or onions-rezanets it not only vegetable, but also ornamental plant. It is long-term, frost-resistant and isn't afraid of wreckers. Leaves of shnit-onions possess a spicy delicate flavor and are similar to Welsh onion leaves. During blossoming this vegetable will decorate a bed and will become one more element of landscaping.

8. Garlic - a perennial grassy plant which also belongs in family of onions. It is very popular thanks to the characteristic taste and a smell. Garlic is a powerful antibiotic, possesses antimicrobial, antimycotic and helminthic. Thanks to the high content of an allitsin it promotes decrease in pressure and level of cholesterol in blood. Besides garlic is good "fighter" in fight against catarrhal diseases.

9. Onions have the mass of useful qualities. In its structure there are volatiles phytoncides which destroy a pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria. Also onions are vitamin-rich, iron and other useful mineral substances (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, ascorbic acid). Consumption of this vegetable will help to struggle with catarrhal diseases, to strengthen a cardiovascular system, to increase hemoglobin level, to normalize pressure and to lower cholesterol.

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