Baby food

Baby food

consider that the enhanced attention to food of the child should be paid only aged up to three years. Actually, the child needs to be fed correctly at any age, further development of its organism depends on it. At preschool age, that is about six years, the child begins to move twice more actively, and, therefore, to spend twice more energy. A source of this energy is food. At the same time it is necessary to feed the child not only the fact that to be pleasant to him, but also what really for him is useful.

The preschool child's organism in day demands about hundred grams of fats and proteins, and carbohydrates – are six times more. Products for feeding of the child can be divided conditionally into daily products and weekly. For example, milk, meat, bread and fruit with vegetables should be given to children daily, and fish, cottage cheese, cheese and eggs – is not more often than three times week. In particular, eggs two-three times a week are admissible to use in food of children every other day, cottage cheese, and fish can be given once a week, completely spending all week diet of this product in fish day. These volumes of food are approximate, and absolutely not necessarily children are obliged to eat everything without the rest.

Except products with which it is necessary to feed the child meal time is very important. Many consider that time of meal is not of particular importance, but in fact it not so. The fixed diet is necessary for development at the child of a conditioned reflex on meal in concrete time of day that is necessary for the best production of digestive juice and full assimilation of food. For this reason the child aged from three up to seven years needs to provide strict observance of a diet. At the same time four times a day are desirable to feed him. It is better to distribute the daily volume of food so that for breakfast and a dinner about twenty five percent, were the share of a lunch approximately – to forty percent, and for an afternoon snack – about fifteen percent. It is better to have breakfast to the preschool child about eight-nine o'clock in the morning, to have dinner at twelve-thirteen o'clock, to arrange an afternoon snack about seventeen hours, and a dinner – at nineteen-twenty o'clock. When food is given to children in other time, it is all the same necessary to monitor, at least, observance of the correct periods of time approximately for three-four hours which will provide full digestion of food in a stomach. In intervals between these meals the child can drink water, tea, juice and there are fruit, vegetables or berries. Candies and farinaceous food are undesirable here. Remember that the disordered food of the child quite often is followed by disorders of appetite and digestion.

What rules should follow when cooking food? There are no difficult recipes. Features of cooking and culinary processing of dishes come down to the fact that it is necessary to avoid such hot and strong flavoring spices and additives what the ketchups which became popular, soy sauce, horse-radish, burning pepper, mustard and adjika and also mayonnaise and numerous types of sauces for salads are. It is moderately possible to use in the course of cooking for the preschool child fennel, parsley and onions with garlic. For giving to dishes of variety it is possible to use fresh fruit, berries and vegetables, to add cranberry sauce or lemon juice.

Consider that children need to give only soft parts of meat and a bird without sinews, fish without bones, sausage without firm pieces and covers, etc. Fat grades of meat should be avoided to the advanced school age. Fried food can be given to children, but it is very rare. Concentrate attention on boiled, stewed and baked food. It is possible to use microwave ovens though they are not ideal for preparation of food to preschool children. Remember that besides tastes of food you should not forget about maintaining its usefulness.

Preparation time of food for children and food for adults differ a little. It is necessary to cook meat of any animal not less than one and a half-two hours, for preparation of fish will be enough and half an hour. When cooking potatoes, cabbage and carrots it is possible to be limited twenty minutes, and beet should be cooked already about an odnogochas. Consider that excessively long thermal treatment of food leads not only to deterioration in taste, but also to decrease in nutrition value of food.

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