Blue whiting: nutrition value, vitamins, minerals and useful properties of fish

Blue whiting: nutrition value, vitamins, minerals and useful properties of fish

 Blue whiting — a small sea small fish from family treskovy. On flavoring characteristics the hake and a navaga reminds. At fat content in small quantity meat of fish very high-calorie, is rich with protein, is ideal for those who want to lose weight, and the price of fish is rather low.

Nutrition value and caloric content

Blue whiting — the fish living in Quiet and Atlantic oceans artificially does not get divorced. Therefore it is possible to tell that it is safe for human health as it eats in the habitat without artificial additives and antibiotics. The nutrition value and caloric content at representatives of northern and southern hemispheres identical, difference in sizes — the blue whiting living in cold waters of Atlantic almost half are less than that which is found in warm waters.

In 100 g of meat of blue whiting contains:

  • proteins — 18.5 g that makes slightly more than 40% of standard daily rate;
  • carbohydrates — 0;
  • fats — 0.9 g that makes 1.5% of norm;
  • saturated fatty acids — 0.3 g, according to 1.7% of standard daily rate;
  • monounsaturated fatty acids — 0.16 g, according to 0.45% of norm;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids — 0.3 g, according to 5% of norm.

The use of fish is recommended for strengthening of nerves and heart, blood vessels, prevention of inflammatory processes.

Whether you know? Fish is ready to spawning at the age of 3 years. From caviar only males are born, and by 3rd year of life some men's individuals regenerate in women's which leave on spawning. By the end of life all males regenerate in females.

In 100 g a piece of fish 82 kcal or 4% of standard daily rate contain. Therefore it is possible to tell that blue whiting — the fine product for diets which for a long time sates, but does not overload an organism. If to compare to other fish, then for example, in a pollock — 70 kcal, in a cod about 60 kcal.

Vitamins and minerals

Meat of blue whiting contains such vitamins:

  • Retinolum — helps to heal quickly wounds, to take off fatigue, improves sight;
  • thiamine — strengthens nerves, accelerates exchange processes;
  • Riboflavinum — influences hair and an integument;
  • ascorbic acid — increases immunity, participates in blood updating, reduces allergic reactions;
  • tocopherol — slows down aging of an organism, strengthens vessels, during incubation of the child positively affects a fruit;
  • the calciferol — well acts on a bone.

Learn what fish the most useful as it is correct to choose fish, to fry and how to cook a fish soup.

Blue whiting is saturated with minerals and allows to strengthen an organism valuable elements. In 100 g of fish contains:

  • 40 mg of calcium — it is necessary for strengthening of a skeleton, heart and vessels;
  • 165 mg of phosphorus — it is necessary for durability of bones, hair, teeth, accelerates exchange processes;
  • 335 mg of sodium — are normalized by water balance, is a part of gastric juice, helps digestion of food;
  • 134.5 mg of iodine — it is necessary for normal work of a thyroid gland, raises the immune system;
  • 39.8 mg of magnesium — strengthen vessels, normalizes pressure, answers behind amount of sugar in blood;
  • 0.7 mg of iron — it is necessary for saturation of cages of an organism oxygen;
  • 0.08 mg of manganese — participate in the structure of muscles and bones.

Important! It is during the day recommended to accept no more than 0.25 kg of fish. Excessive reception leads to diarrhea.

Useful properties

Blue whiting has a number of useful qualities:

  • low-fat blue whiting — an ideal product for dietary dishes;
  • because of the high content of protein of animal origin is an additional source of proteins for athletes and people with big physical activities;
  • the rich complex vitamin and minerals well influences skin: it becomes elastic and elastic, there is its rejuvenation;
  • mineral substances form bones and muscles — reception by the child of dishes from fish reduces development of rickets;
  • regular reception of blue whiting promotes increase in immunity that in turn increases resistance of an organism to penetration of viruses and infections;
  • contains iodine which prevents failures in work of a thyroid gland and also positively affects a brain;
  • well removes cholesterol that in turn reduces risk of development of a heart attack and stroke;
  • vitamin A perfectly influences eyes and gives them the chance to be restored quickly after strong loadings;
  • the antioxidants which are contained in fish are removed by free radicals that lowers risk of development of tumors in a mammary gland and a large intestine;
  • fats an omega-3 accelerate metabolism in an organism and promote elimination of its violations;
  • vitamins and the mineral complex entering blue whiting meat favors to strengthening and recovery of the nerves affected by influence of various unpleasant situations.

Important! For restoration of hemoglobin of blood it is necessary to use once a week dishes from blue whiting.

Harm and contraindications

The main indicator of harm of blue whiting — personal intolerance of a product because of a large amount of protein. The allergy begins to be shown at early age when the feeding up of the kid begins adult food. Therefore it is necessary to monitor reaction of an organism of the child. It can be: small red rashes on skin, disorders of a digestive tract, also the kid can begin to pant.

Blue whiting strongly catches parasites therefore it needs to be processed surely at a big temperature (to cook, bake) within at least 20 minutes. All accessories with what the carcass settled accounts, need to be washed properly and to pour surely boiled water, doing some kind of disinfection.

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How to choose

Comes to retail chain stores of blue whiting in the fresh or cooled look, the whole small fishes or cut on fillet. It is two types — northern and southern, differs in body length. Living in warm waters is 20 cm longer than the northern relatives who grow to length no more than 35 cm. Buying blue whiting, it is necessary to know:

  • it is better to choose the cooled fish, she can be considered well: the carcass has to be whole, uniform, without cuts;
  • if to press on a body, and it is easily recovered, it speaks about freshness of fish;
  • the cut paunch should not have white ribbons and lumps;
  • the smell has to be fish, without smack of decay and mustiness;
  • eyes have to be transparent and a navykata; muddy color — sign of not freshness.

At all valuable qualities of this fish, she possesses one minus — contains many small bones. Therefore purchase of ready fillet will facilitate work and will save your time.

Whether you know? The fastest fish, the sailing vessel, moves with a speed of 109 km/h. It was recorded on tests in Florida where the sailing vessel for 3 sec. floated 91 meters.


Fresh fish is a product which quickly spoils. If to follow certain rules, it is possible to prolong its freshness:

  • at storage no more than 24 hours fish need to be washed out in water, to dry and remove to the cold place at a temperature up to -5 °C;
  • at long storage the carcass needs to be cleaned from scales and to take out interiors; then it is good to wash up, dry a towel and to put on storage in the freezer.

Maintaining temperature of -18 °C, blue whiting can be stored within half a year. If fish to defreeze and freeze several times, storage time respectively decreases. And dried it can be stored, keeping tastes, about one year.

Possessing such rich vitamin and mineral complex, blue whiting is worthy to become a product which has to be in a diet of each family. Reception of dishes from fish several times a week will help you to remain young and healthy many years. It will replace intake of drug and artificial vitamins. Besides the price at blue whiting available.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team