10 useful properties of nuts of cashew for a female body"

10 useful properties of nuts of cashew for a female body"

Tasty and useful nut of cashew — a sort from Brazil, however thanks to the excellent taste won popularity and behind borders of this region. It began to be grown up practically in all thermophilic countries and to export worldwide. Cashews widely use in cookery, adding to sauces, salads and sweets and also for strengthening of an organism and improvement of appearance of skin. Let's consider in more detail medicinal properties of nut and how they influence an organism of women.

About structure of cashew

Cashew is vitamin-rich also minerals. In 100 g of a product contain:

  • vitamins B;
  • folic acid;
  • vitamin E, N, To;
  • RR vitamin;
  • macrocells (calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium);
  • minerals (iodine, iron, zinc, selenium, copper);
  • fatty acids;
  • proteins.

Whether you know? 10 nutlets of cashew have high nutritiousness and contain 100 calories.

Nutrition value and caloric content

The fatty acids, vitamins and other nutritious elements which are a part of cashew are capable to provide day norm of substances necessary for a human body. Caloric content of a product is 600 kcal on 100 g.

It is a balanced set of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and cellulose.

Cellulose also contains in pumpkin, mango, a celery, a girasol, a lime.

Regular consumption of nuts promotes strengthening of immunity, acceleration of processes of metabolism, normal work of a cardiovascular system. The nutrition value of cashew during the periods of avitaminosis, diets and rehabilitation after diseases is especially important.

About useful properties

The female body is very exacting to good nutrition which has to include all necessary minerals and vitamins. It is explained by need of the birth and feeding of children. For this reason the advantage of cashew is especially important for the weaker sex.

Such products as dried apricots, flax seeds, dried apricots, cowberry, sour cream are also necessary for health of a female body.

This product helps to fill shortage of the necessary substances and possesses such influence:

  • tones up;
  • helps to fight against bacteria and microbes;
  • protects from viruses;
  • prevents a depression;
  • promotes the correct blood circulation.

Influence on hair, skin, nails

The elasticity and elasticity will help to give to skin periodic consumption of cashew in food.

The elasticity and elasticity to skin are given too by fennel, a thistle, coconut and sesame oil.

In addition it is possible to use the oil received from fruits. It perfectly is suitable for preparation of curative face packs and hair which possess the strengthening and restoring action.

By the way, oil helps to get rid of dandruff and is effective at treatment of skin diseases, such as psoriasis.

At treatment of psoriasis folk remedies apply a mushroom of a chag, fir oil, pink salt, bear fat, honey with propolis.

Representatives of pharmaceutical business began to include cashew oil in composition of the lotions and creams long ago.

The Omega acid and vitamin E which are a part remove inflammations on a face, delete acne rash, promote the healthy growth of hair and nails, prevent their loss and fragility.

Whether you know? The Japanese scientists established that specific elements which actively eliminate microbes and a bacterium in a mouth are a part of cashew.

Improvement of a reproductive system

It is impossible to claim that nuts of this look can cure female infertility. However their constant use is capable to increase conception probability.

It is connected with the fact that cashew components positively influence reproductive function of an organism.

Protection against depressions

Women are exposed to emotional shake-ups and depressions much more often. It is connected with violation of exchange of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. It is possible to prevent it with the help of healthy nutrition and positive emotions. The substances which are in cashew give a signal which blocks negative impact of external irritants and improves a psychoemotional background in a brain.

It is impossible to call this product the real antidepressant, nevertheless it facilitates a state after big emotional loadings.

Strengthening of sexual desire

The Indian nuts are considered as strong aphrodisiac. They are recommended not only to women, but also men. Regular consumption restores work of a reproductive system, increases potency and strengthens sexual desire.

Aphrodisiac also call a sea cabbage, cocoa, chia seeds, fish a flounder, nutmeg.

All this well influences an organism, but provided that it is necessary to take nuts constantly, but not periodically. In that case substances-aphrodisiacs collect and give the necessary effect.

Influence on blood

Nuts positively influence a blood system. Thanks to the iron which is contained in them its structure is normalized, hemoglobin level increases.

Harmful cholesterol is removed from blood that promotes its updating and positively influences walls of vessels, their elasticity and capacity increases.

Normalization of pressure

One more useful characteristic of cashew is its ability to stabilize arterial blood pressure.

It is possible to normalize arterial blood pressure by means of a motherwort, berries of cloudberries, fennel, a St. John's wort ordinary, a feijoa, goji berries.

The magnesium which is their part lowers elevated pressure. At the regular use the risk of appearance of a hypertension decreases.

Advantage for the child at GV

Nuts thanks to the fat content and nutritiousness do milk saturated and fatter during a lactation. However they are capable to cause an allergy, for this reason do not recommend to take them at first after the delivery while the organism of the kid adapts to the world around.

The cashews which are a part useful substances and minerals positively influence growth and development of the kid and also help mother to be restored quicker.

When breastfeeding the main thing is not to abuse a dosage as negative consequences directly affect the child, increase in gas generation, appearance of gripes and disorders of intestines.

Important! In day when breastfeeding it is possible to eat 30 g of cashew that makes 7–8 nutlets.

Strengthening of teeth and gums

Long ago the huge advantage of cashew for health of teeth is known. In ancient times in the African tribes practiced drawing on gums of mix of nut and honey. Such ointment strengthens tooth enamel, stops inflammatory processes, satisfies pain.

Modern stomatologists recommend to eat these nuts on a regular basis.

The help at anemia

Useful properties of cashew are shown at treatment of anemia. Enough iron is a part of nutlets, and at their daily use the balance of this component in an organism is filled.

Influence on a fruit at pregnancy

At pregnancy of cashew can be very useful.

They have such beneficial influence on the woman's organism in situation and on formation of future child:

  • fill shortage of iron;
  • compensate to the pregnant woman return of vitamins to a fruit and saturate its organism with such necessary substances as calcium, zinc and phosphorus;
  • provide full pre-natal development, give to future child strong immunity, healthy teeth and beautiful skin;
  • interfere with development of dystrophy and cardiovascular diseases in the kid;
  • strengthen a bone tissue of the child and mother;
  • stabilize work of intestines.

The standard daily rate in day for pregnant women is 30 g.

Possible harm and contraindications

The usefulness of nutlets exceeds harm, possible from them, which is absent actually and. The only contraindication to their use is the intolerance or an allergy to nuts. But even such phenomenon meets extremely seldom.

Important! Negative impact of this fruit can be shown in a set of excess weight in communication by the content of fats. To avoid such trouble, it is necessary to adhere to moderation and not to overeat.

As we see, cashews perfectly suit women as additive to a day diet.

They give health and beauty, feeding an organism with all elements necessary for it. The main thing is to be careful and not to use nut at the expressed allergy. In other cases a small amount of a fruit will be extremely useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team