Harm and advantage of peanut halvah

Harm and advantage of peanut halvah

Halvah was invented in Iran in the 5th century BC. In the countries of the East it is done of any products: wheat, corn, semolina, carrots, etc. In Russia release several types of halvah - sunflower, nut, sesame (takhinny), peanut, combined, with addition of vanilla or glazed by chocolate.

Advantage of peanut halvah

The peanut nutlets which are a basis of the recipe of peanut halvah contain vitamins A, B, E which are simply necessary for children and adults for growth, for work of a cardiovascular system, strengthening of immunity and improvement of memory. Nuts bring to an organism big benefit - stir up activity of a brain, strengthen walls of vessels and saturate an organism with useful substances: the small piece of halvah contains a half of elements of the table of Mendeleyev.

Upon purchase pay attention to appearance of halvah if on a surface there is a dark scurf, its expiration date came to an end. Quality halvah - dry, has the layered and fibrous building, doesn't taste bitter and doesn't stick to the teeth.

Peanut halvah contains folic acid therefore it will be useful to pregnant women. This delicacy will help also fans of sport - in it there is a lot of protein, almost as much how many in meat. Actively acting squirrels are capable to help to build up muscle bulk. It will be useful to use peanut halvah in autumn-winter time - it will help to cope with a depression and will lighten the mood.

Whether it is possible to give to children peanut halvah

Ingredients for preparation of peanut halvah – natural therefore useful delicacy can be given to children are more senior than 5 years. It is better for kids not to give this sweet as its small pieces can get stuck in teeth or injure mucous. The small child can choke with halvah. As it is very much a kaloriyna - in 100 g 502 kcal contain, too much this delicacy is contraindicated to the kid, especially if he tends to completeness. It is enough to give to the child in day of 10-15 g of halvah better not every day. Bringing together the child in school, he can put instead of sweeties with himself a little halvah. Thanks to this product, the child will be active and long time won't get hungry.

It is impossible to give halvah to the children having allergic reactions to sweet.

Harm of peanut halvah

Despite all the usefulness, because of high caloric content this delicacy isn't recommended to people who watch the weight. Peanut halvah is eaten as a dessert, but after a nourishing lunch or a dinner it is better to refrain from its use not to grow fat. The most optimum is to eat a small piece of delicacy during a breakfast. It is so possible to load an organism with energy for all day without risk for a figure. It isn't desirable to use halvah to people with digestive tract diseases, this delicacy can do harm to an organism. Nuts of peanut are contraindicated to diabetics. In peanut there are purines therefore it is better for people not to eat this type of halvah with stones in a bladder or kidneys.

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