Home-made fruit liqueurs from strawberry to a holiday table

Home-made fruit liqueurs from strawberry to a holiday table

Strawberry fruit liqueur – remarkable drink which can be made in house conditions. It turns out a strong liqueur and vodka is more sweet. Perfectly is suitable not only for drink, but also for aromatization of various pastries.

The first way of preparation of fruit liqueur from strawberry

strawberry fruit liqueur prepared according to this recipe turns out tasty, strong and fragrant. Products for it it is required very little:

- sugar – 800 g; - strawberry – 2.2 kg.

The amount of ingredients is given at the rate on the 3rd one-liter jar. If you take a large bottle of the bigger size, then and products it is necessary to take more. It is necessary to cook home-made fruit liqueur from strawberry so: touch, wash out, shift berries in a colander in lots in order that from them water flew down. Further they need to be poured on the outspread towel and to leave for some time for drying. Then it is careful to peel strawberry from sepals, to shift in prepared to bank and to fill up with sugar.

The bank with the berries prepared thus should cover with a clean gauze and to remove prior to process of fermentation to the warm place. Then in it it is necessary to establish a water lock and to leave to stand in the room in a shadow. Fruit liqueur will ferment about about 2-3 weeks. Then it needs to be filtered and poured in clean bottles.

The second way of preparation – with vodka

Very much get prettier the strawberry fruit liqueur infused on vodka turns out. For its preparation it is required: - fresh, ripe and clean berries – 1 kg; - vodka – 1 liter; - granulated sugar – 0.5 kg. The washed-out and slightly dry-through berries need to be filled in a large bottle, to fill in with vodka under the neck and to take out on the sun for fermentation. In a month to merge fruit liqueur, and to the berries which remained to add in bank sugar – it has to cover them only slightly. Again to take out to bank in the sun. When sugar completely is dissolved, it will be necessary to merge juice to already available fruit liqueur. It is recommended to repeat so several times until berries don't become "obessochenny". Fruit liqueur is ready. By the way, as a result of similar actions it is possible to receive not only fruit liqueur, but also sweet low alcohol liqueur and also berry fruit drink (if to fill in the dried-up berries with water and to leave in such view of 2 weeks).

The third way – with vodka and citric acid

In this case for preparation of fruit liqueur from strawberry the following ingredients will be necessary: - strawberry – 1 kg; - granulated sugar – 250 g; - citric acid – slightly; - vodka – 500 ml (or the same amount of very good alcohol). The ripe washed-up berries should be filled up in a large bottle with a wide neck, pouring each new layer sugar. Then large bottles need to be tied parchment paper and to deliver to the sun in order that strawberry started up juice. When it occurs, it is necessary to add to berries some vodka and citric acid. At the same time the turned-out liquid has to close strawberry completely. Capacity is recommended to be removed for a month to the cool place, then to pour on large bottles. It will be possible to serve fruit liqueur to a holiday table in 3-4 months. Now you know how to make strawberry fruit liqueur – tasty, saturated, fragrant. Prepare with pleasure!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team