How to fry chicken grill

How to fry chicken grill

Chicken grill - the delicacy available loved by many at the price and on sale at every turn in any city of the country. But recently hostesses prefer to cook this dish independently - ways of preparation much, and all of them are simple and available.

It is required to you

  • For chicken grill in an oven:
    • chicken (1-1.5 kg);
    • salt;
    • pepper;
    • garlic;
    • mustard;
    • honey;
    • For chicken grill in the microwave oven (with function of a grill):
    • chicken (1 kg);
    • salt;
    • pepper;
    • mayonnaise;
    • herbs for chicken.


1. For preparation chickensgrillof - in an oven at first wash a carcass in cold water, get rid of the remained hairs (pull out or scorch on fire), dry paper towels.

2. Grate chicken from within and outside I will merge (it is desirable large sea) and a black sprinkling pepper. Separately mix the garlic which is passed through a chesnokodavka, 2 teaspoons of mustard and as much liquid honey. Cover with this mix chicken (and inside too) and leave to be pickled not less than an hour in the fridge. Get the pickled chicken from the fridge and inside thrust a lemon (it is possible medium-sized whole, or cut a lemon in half).

3. Take a spit for a grill (it is applied to an oven in a set), chicken needs to be strung on it and to strengthen (since at turn of a spit she can become loose and it will be fried thoroughly not evenly). In order that wings and legs didn't burn at preparation, tie them a usual thread (tie densely to the carcass).

4. On the lower level of an oven put a baking tray, filling in it water - it is necessary in order that the flowing-down fat from chicken didn't burn. Place a spit with chicken in the center. Close an oven and include the grill mode (temperature isn't lower than 200 degrees, or the II mode of a grill). In 40-50 minutes, chicken will be almost ready, at this time include blowing - so you will help chicken to get a ruddy crust. In 15-20 minutes check chicken grill for readiness. For this purpose pierce it a toothpick or a tip of a knife if transparent juice flows, then it is ready; if blood is still visible, then leave chicken for 20 minutes, having increased temperature.

5. For preparation of chicken grill in the microwave oven also wash and dry a carcass, rub it I will merge also pepper. Mix mayonnaise and herbs for chicken (if didn't find seasoning with such name, then make it independently: in equal proportions mix seasonings a marjoram, garlic, onions, add a little nutmeg and a black pepper). Grease with marinade of chicken and leave for 30-40 minutes in the fridge.

6. Having got chicken from the fridge, place on a special dish for a grill (if it is absent, then it is possible to use usual ware for the microwave without high boards). On the control panel set the weight of chicken and the program will automatically expose preparation time. If there is no such function, then consider that chicken weighing 1 kilogram is cooked in the microwave oven about half an hour.

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