How to make cheesecakes on Dyukana

How to make cheesecakes on Dyukana

The high-protein diet of the French doctor Pierre Ducan enjoys wide popularity in the world. It effectively helps to lose weight to the people suffering from different degree of obesity. But to achieve success, doctor Dyukan recommends to fulfill a number of the requirements for food. Therefore recipes of dishes for this diet differ from traditional a little.

The recipe of cheesecakes for Dyukan's diet

For preparations of cheesecakes for a diet of Dyukan it is required: - 90 g of cottage cheese of 0% of fat content; - 2 tablespoons of oat bran; - ½ tsps of baking powder;

- 1 egg; - 5 tablets of sweetener;

- vanilla on a knife tip. First of all, pound or crush sweetener tablets in powder. Add egg and properly shake up a fork. Then put cottage cheese, vanillin, baking powder and oat bran. Carefully mix all components.

Depending on consistence of cottage cheese from the quantity of products given in the recipe 4-6 cheesecakes turn out.

Spread the made dough a spoon in a frying pan with non-stick coating, previously having oiled it vegetable. At Dyukan's diet it is allowed to use 3 drops of sunflower oil or 1 teaspoon of olive oil a day. There are cheesecakes made for Dyukan's diet it is possible with fat-free sour cream or yogurt. Cheesecakes for Dyukan's diet can be made according to other recipe. For them it will be required: - 300 g of granular skim cheese; - 1 egg; - 2 tablespoons of oat bran; - 5 tablets or powders of sweetener. Bran for cheesecakes you pitch flour in the blender, properly mash cottage cheese a fork, and pound tablets. Mix all ingredients: oat bran, cottage cheese, sweetener and egg. Carefully mix everything, create cheesecakes and fry them in the warmed frying pan: at first fry on both sides on the maximum fire, then reduce fire to a minimum, cover a frying pan and finish cheesecakes until ready. On it 10-15 minutes will be required.

How to make cheesecakes in an oven

As in Dyukan's diet fats are forbidden, many dishes are recommended be not to fried, and to bake in an oven. To make cheesecakes in an oven, it is necessary to take: - 3 tablespoons of skim cheese; - 1 tablespoons of a blues; - 2 tablespoons of oat bran; - ½ tsps of baking powder; - 1 egg; - sweetener to taste.

Bran when crunching loses a part of the useful properties.

That cheesecakes turned out more gentle, you pitch bran in flour. If for cheesecakes granular cottage cheese is used, mash it a fork and connect all components: oat and blues, cottage cheese, baking powder, sweetener and egg. Properly mix everything and create cheesecakes in the form of small flat cakes or balls. Lay out the prepared cheesecakes on a baking tray and bake within 15 minutes in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps.

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