How to make fruit liqueur from strawberry

How to make fruit liqueur from strawberry

From fragrant strawberry of the hostess cook not only compote or jam. Ripe July berry is irreplaceable and in house winemaking – of it both wine, and liqueurs, and fruit liqueurs turn out successful.

Fruit liqueur is cooked from strawberry in several ways.

Option 1

First of all berry is touched, cleaned from fruit stems and "hats", and then washed out for what pour strawberry into a colander and several times immerse it in water. When water flows down, 7 kg of strawberry spread in a large bottle of 10 l, add granulated sugar (2.5 kg) and close a cylinder neck a gauze. Capacity is removed in warm and, it is desirable, the solar place on two-three of days.

When contents begin to ferment, on a bottle neck instead of a gauze place a water lock, and the cylinder is put in a shadow until fermentation doesn't end. Usually this process takes no more than two-three weeks.

Fruit liqueur is passed through a strainer or a funnel, previously having covered adaptation a layer of a gauze or cotton wool, spill and removed on storage.

The remained alburnum is filled in by 5 l with boiled, warmish water and leave for couple of days. Then liquid is merged (having wrung out at the same time alburnum) in a glass container, add granulated sugar (1.3 kg), fix a water lock on a neck and remove capacity for 15-20 days. The received fruit liqueur is filtered too and spilled on bottles.

Option 2

Fruit liqueur on vodka and alcohol is cooked from strawberry differently. For this purpose the glass capacity of any volume is filled up to the top with berries which on 2/3 fill in with vodka and for 1/3 – alcohol, to the level of the top berries.

The large bottle is closed any dense fabric and exposed in the sun for 1 month then the formed liquid is merged in a separate container. Berries which remained in a cylinder half fill up with sugar, again tighten a neck a piece of matter and leave ware in the sun to full sugar remelting. Juice which at the same time will be emitted is merged and filtered, and again repeat the procedure. Do it repeatedly until strawberry in a large bottle withers.

Dilute with juice which was built in stages to the necessary sweet and fortress the very first infusion on vodka and alcohol.

The fruit liqueur from strawberry made in house conditions has unique aroma and a delicate taste. Such drink is appropriate not only in a close friendly circle, but also on a holiday table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team