How to make lentil

How to make lentil

Make lentil not so difficult as many think, and therefore don't eat it, losing great pleasure and substances, useful to an organism. Weld these tasty beans with vegetables and spices, make of them cutlets or fragrant cream soup.

Lentil orientally


- 200 g of red lentil; - 1 small carrots;

- 60 g of onions leek (white part); - 4 bulbs shallot; - 2 segments of garlic; - on 20 g of cilantro and parsley; - 3 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 tablespoons of honey; - on 1/2 tsps of cumin and seeds of a coriander; - salt. Fill lentil in a pan, fill in with water, bring to the boil, you cook 12 minutes and cast away on a colander. Cut with thin straws carrots and leek. Crush a knife garlic segments, lukovichka shallot and also leaves of cilantro and parsley. Warm olive oil and fry in it carrots within 5 minutes, then add leek and garlic to a frying pan. Brown everything together a couple of minutes, implicate honey, spices and set aside ware on a pith support. Put lentil there, mix everything, add some salt to taste, strew with greens. Close ware a cover and allow a dish to infuse a little.

Tasty lentil cutlets

Ingredients: - 200 g of green lentil; - 4 bulbs; - 80 g of semolina; - 1/3 tsps of ground black pepper; - salt; - vegetable oil. Wet lentil in cold water at several o'clock or for the night, then merge liquid if that remains. Clean bulbs, thinly chop, fry in vegetable oil on average fire to a zolotistost and shift in deep capacity. Miss beans via the meat grinder, connect to onions subfrying, semolina, pepper and salt how many it is necessary. Pour in the same frying pan still in oils. Create lentil cutlets the fingers moistened in warm water, fry them to a ruddy crust, lay out in plates and garnish a fresh vegetables.

Fragrant lentil cream soup

Ingredients: - 500 g of green lentil; - 2.2 l of water; - fillet of chicken breast; - 2 carrots; - 2 bulbs; - 3 potatoes; - 1 tablespoons of salt; - vegetable oil. Pour water in a pan of the average size and boil on strong fire. Dissolve in it salt and pour the washed-out lentil. You cook it 40 minutes at the minimum temperature under a cover. Cut off a peel from potatoes, cut it on cubes, lower in the prepared soup and you weary it 15 more minutes. Small chop onions, grate carrots, cut chicken fillet with bars and make of this trio of products fried vegetables in vegetable oil. Enter it into soup and cook it 5-7 more minutes. Cool a dish to a warm state, pound the submersible blender and again warm up. Pour it in the portions and give with toasts or crackers.

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