How to make parmesan

How to make parmesan

The most known Italian cheese is parmesan. It is added to various dishes at their preparation. Any dish at addition of parmesan develops an unusual and amazing taste. Heard many, but very few people know how to make parmesan about cheese.

It is required to you

  • saturated solution of salt;
    • 16 liters of milk (milk of evening milking and milk of morning milking);
    • veal rennet.


1. Prepare milk of evening milking. It needs to be degreased half. After that turned out milk accurately mix with milk of morning milking. Morning milk doesn't need to be degreased, leave it as is.

2. Warm a milk mix to 34 degrees, it is possible less, but the main thing that it is no more. And carefully add a veal rennet. Ferment from gastric juice still will lead absolutely young calf to the fact that in about ten minutes from mix the curd will turn out.

3. Cut a clot on small pieces, put them on gas and bring temperature to 55 degrees. Remove the formed serum and approximately for an hour leave to cook future cheese. In an hour remove it from fire and leave for six or seven hours that it could reach. At this time it is better not to touch and not to move cheese from place to place. It is the best of all to cover it with something and to leave motionless.

4. Place cheese in a wooden form and leave a baking plate oppression for several days. Later place cheese in saline solution for several days until it properly is salted.

5. Put the salted cheese on a regiment where it has to lie at least the whole year. Sometimes cheese can be oiled and overturned from one side on another. The longer cheese will have an endurance, the its taste will be better.

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