How to prepare tubules

How to prepare tubules

Likely everyone sometimes wants though for a moment to glance in the childhood and to remember taste of favourite tubules from puff pastry with gentle proteinaceous cream. It not only amazing pastries for a daily tea drinking, but also a fine gentle treat for a holiday table. The compounding of preparation of tubules is simple, and process won't take a lot of time.

It is required to you

  • Dough:
    • flour-500 of;
    • desi (soft)-50 g;
    • desi (cooled)-500 g;
    • ml water-380;
    • salt-1 of Part l;
    • vinegar-2 of tablespoon;
    • paper for pastries;
    • cones for tubules.
    • Cream:
    • milk-1 of St;
    • piece egg-4;
    • sugar-4 of tablespoon;
    • starch-1 of Part l;
    • icing sugar;


1. Take a deep cup and sift in it flour. Add a soft desi, salt, vinegar and soda to flour. Carefully to mix everything and to knead dense dough. Create ready dough in the form of a sphere, then wrap in a transparent film and put in a cold spot for 30 minutes.

2. Slice small the cooled desi and distribute them next to each other on transparent food wrap. Then to roll them between two layers of a film in a rectangle. Roll dough also in a rectangle, is only twice more the size, on the sprinkled flour of a surface and put on it the desi exempted from a film.

3. Cover oil with the test and again to roll, is only even thinner. Then to put dough in 3 layers and again to roll. Preparation should be put to be cooled for 10 min., and after once again to put in 3 layers and last time to roll.

4. Cut ready dough thin strips. Take necessary quantity of special metal cones for baking of tubules and wind on everyone dough.

5. Lay on a baking tray the sheet of paper for pastries. In a superficial bowl to shake up 1 egg for lubricant. Lay out tubules on paper at small distance from each other and grease everyone with a frothed eggs. Warm an oven to 230 degrees and will put to bake in it tubules within 25-30 minutes.

6. Pour milk in a pan, add to it starch, 3 eggs and sugar. Cook cream on slow fire until it doesn't thicken, continuously stirring slowly. Cool ready cream.

7. Take out tubules from an oven and remove them from cones. Fill tubules with cream, for this purpose it is possible to use the confectionery syringe or a long scapula. Strew ready cakes with icing sugar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team