How to process nuts

How to process nuts

The ground nuts rich with useful substances are used by hostesses for preparation of salads, cakes and other pastries. It is possible to crush nuts in various ways by means of household appliances or kitchen utensils.

It is required to you

  • - coffee grinder;
  • - blender;
  • - food processor;
  • - meat grinder;
  • - manual grinder;
  • - cutting board;
  • - kitchen hammer;
  • - rolling pin;
  • - knife.


1. It is possible to crush nuts in the coffee grinder, using various millings from large to small. Before filling up nuts in any household appliances, surely shell them. After 1 grinding mix nuts a spoon that they became oily. Then accurately wipe coffee grinder bowls, and wash a cover with water.

2. The blender equipped with a special nozzle and capable can become an alternative to the coffee grinder it is good to crush nuts. The blender allows to prepare almond milk which can be drunk from almonds. Peel almonds from a thin skin and before a grinding support in water about 5-8 hours, then fill up in a form the blender, add water from the following calculation: 3 parts of water fall on 1 part of nuts. Grind nuts to the necessary consistence, and then filter the received liquid to remove the remains and crumbs. Almond milk is useful for heart, helps to operate weight, gives to skin the shining look and strengthens bones, hair and teeth.

3. If you want to receive homogeneous nut meat, then use the meat grinder for this purpose. Cope with a task quickly and easily the electric meat grinder will help.

4. The food processor is also equipped with function of crushing of different degree and will help you to grind nuts. Thus, the blender, the food processor, the meat grinder and the coffee grinder help to crush well nuts and don't demand at the same time expenses of force and time, however if you don't have these household appliances, then it is possible to use also other methods.

5. There are several ways of crushing of nuts by means of a cutting board. Put the shelled nuts in a strong plastic bag, from above cover with a towel, put on a cutting board and beat from above the kitchen hammer to a grinding size necessary to you. Besides, on such package of nuts it is possible to walk a usual rolling pin that will also help to grind nuts. Finally you crush nuts, but is very non-uniform. It will be possible to use them at addition in cookies, cakes, pies.

6. Buy the manual grinder which can be used for a grinding of nuts, vegetables, greens, cheese and other products.

7. For crushing of a small amount of nuts use a usual cutting board and a knife. This way demands efforts and time.

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