Why the child often is ill

Why the child often is ill

Frequent snivels and colds of the child can become a bad dream of any parent. However the behavior of parents becomes the main reason for children's diseases. Non-compliance with only several rules can lead to the fact that the children's immunity will be loosened and overloaded, and it steadily conducts to lungs, and then and to a serious illness.

There are five simple rules which observance will help to strengthen immunity of the child and to forget about frequent colds. The main mistake of parents is excessive care of health of the kid. Respectively the immunity ceases to perform this function. Too hothouse conditions are created around. 

  • The main and most frequent mistake - overheating of the child. Too warm clothing, heavy multilayered clothes, nervousness that did not freeze - the main harbingers of cold. The child after a year on the street has to be dressed just as an adult, minus one layer! Consider mobility of children, energy which it spends, many times exceeds adult. Instead of a heavy down jacket in which he will instantly sweat put on a warm, but light jacket. Also you should not put on on the child a jacket in the summer if you go in a t-shirt. And the easy breeze should not confuse you. To it to live on this planet, its organism is ready to and to the sun, both by wind, and by a rain.
  • During bathing you should not create effect of a sauna, densely closing a door and filling with hot steam. An exit from a bathtub to the apartment with other temperature condition will be a severe stress for a cardiovascular system. Bathe the child with the slightly opened door.
  • Resistant (more than a day) temperature over 39 degrees is dangerous. Temperature raising - natural process at which leukocytes will be quicker delivered to the center of an infection and will quicker carry out the task - restoration of an organism. Forcing down temperature, you interfere with this process. All antibiotics and febrifugal, written out by the doctor and advertized on TV, postpone far away. Tea with honey and raspberry jam, rinsings, inhalations are the means checked for centuries and in one hundred generations of the ill people. High temperature is dangerous in two cases: chemical poisoning and overheating (in the sun, in a bath, etc.). In these situations it is necessary to force down temperature.
  • Snivels - not the reason to stay at home at the closed windows. Most likely, in such conditions the cold will become long. Snivels, of course, should be washed or vysmarkivat, and then to go to walk. Both in the winter, and in the summer. 
  • Regular airing of the room - guarantee of good immunity. Fresh air is necessary for normal functioning of any organism including children's. Ideally it is necessary to sleep at open windows. 

Conform to these rules and you will forget why the child often is ill.

Well also you should not forget that on researches of the World Association of Health care children who receive rather parental love are ill 4 times less often. Naturally, means, not quantity of toys, and the qualitative time spent together. Fishing, cooking of a lunch, reading the book, even cleaning of the apartment in which you interact with the child - here the best way to tell about the love. And the children visiting a garden are ill more often not because they in collective but because being on the sick-list at home with mom they will be able to fill a lack of tender emotions and care. Taking away the child from a garden every day, devote it and only to it only 40-50 minutes of the time. Forget for a while about a dinner and cleaning. You will make it a bit later. Give to the child a quiet conversation or a game and you will see how quickly will pass and his snivels and the bothered cough will return not soon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team