How to calculate day of conception that be born the boy

How to calculate day of conception that be born the boy

What mother does not enjoy appearance of the kid? And all the same, boy it or girl. As they say, if only the kid was healthy. But often parents want to plan a sex of the kid, especially if it is about the second child. One of the most exact methods is a method of calculation of an ovulation.

It is required to you

  • - calendar of periods;
  • - schedule of basal temperature;
  • - thermometer;
  • - tests for definition of an ovulation;
  • - Ultrasonography diagnostics.


1. That the boy was born, sexual intercourse has to take place or is accurate in day of an ovulation, or within 24 hours to it. The ovulation comes on 12-15 day of a monthly cycle. If you the owner of an ideal 28-day menstrual cycle, then the ovum has to leave the ripened follicle for the 14th day. By means of the calendar in which you note monthly, define the coming ovulation.

2. Keep the schedule of basal temperature. It means that to you it is necessary to measure in the morning prior to the beginning of physical activity rectal temperature and to note it on graphics. Before an ovulation temperature will sharply rise by several tenth degree or in rare instances will go down, and in day of an ovulation will reach a boundary of 37.1-37.3 °C.

3. Trace an ovulation by special tests for an ovulation which can be bought in pharmacy. To begin to carry out tests it is necessary already from 10 in the afternoon a menstrual cycle. The test assumes the analysis of urine during the period from 10 to 19 o'clock. One strip on the test says that there is no ovulation. And two strips, and especially if the second strip are more dark than the first, mean that favorable day for conception came.

4. It is also possible to monitor maturing of an ovum by means of ultrasonography diagnostics. Follikulometriya, namely this type of a research so is called, assumes measurement of the size of a follicle in which the viable ovum ripens. When the follicle reaches 18-21 mm in length, it bursts, it leaves an ovum, and it is a high time to start action if you want to conceive the boy.

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