Mushrooms dumplings: simple, but tasty dish

Mushrooms dumplings: simple, but tasty dish

Try a simple, but tasty dish – mushrooms dumplings. Make this nourishing food, having replaced habitual meat with not less nutritious, useful and not really high-calorie vegetable product, and you will be satisfied.

Forest mushrooms dumplings


- 330 g of flour; - 300 g of forest mushrooms (white, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms, slippery jacks);

- 100 ml of milk; - 70 ml of water; - 1 egg; - 1 bulb; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - salt; - 40 g of a desi. For a while wet mushrooms in cold water, clean from pollution and cut on cubes. Throw a desi bar into a stewpan or a frying pan and kindle on moderate fire. Remove a peel from onions, crush it and fry thoroughly to softness then add mushrooms. You extinguish them 15-20 minutes, periodically mixing, it won't be allocated yet, and then all liquid from them completely won't evaporate. Pepper everything, salt to taste and cool.

Fill flour the hill on a table, do deepening in its top and accurately pour in water, milk and egg there and also pour a salt pinch. Carefully implicate loose ingredient in liquid, collecting it by a hand around. You knead dough of 10 minutes, inwrap in a damp towel and let's 30 minutes lie down. Roll from it several sausages, cut them with small pieces, roll in circles and put on everyone 0.5 tsps of a stuffing. Cook mushrooms dumplings in the added some salt water 2-3 minutes after boiling.

Dry mushrooms dumplings

Ingredients: - 400 g of flour; - 200 ml of kefir; - 50 g of dry mushrooms; - 1 bulb; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - salt; - vegetable oil. Wash out dry mushrooms a baking plate the crane (if you dried them or you trust the producer, it can be not done). Fill in them with water in a small pan at several o'clock, and it is one night better. Put it on strong fire in the morning and bring contents to the boil. Then reduce temperature to the minimum indicator, close ware a cover and you cook mushrooms within an hour. Meanwhile make dough. Pour kefir of room temperature in a deep bowl, add some salt a pinch of salt and vent with gradual introduction of flour before receiving an elastic dough. Exempt a bulb from a peel, small chop and fry in vegetable oil. Merge broth from mushrooms, let's them cool down, cut and fry together with onions of 10-15 minutes, stirring slowly with a scapula. Season a stuffing with salt and pepper. You stick together dumplings as it is written in the previous recipe, or try simpler method: cut dough on 3-4 pieces, roll everyone in flat cake and cut out from it a basis for a dish by means of the turned cup or a wine glass. Fill them and curtail properly. Weld them at once or freeze before right time.

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