Original dishes: fried cucumbers

Original dishes: fried cucumbers

Fried cucumbers - really original dish which can be given safely to a holiday table. It will open taste of habitual vegetable under an interesting foreshortening. Cucumbers can be fried on European or Asian manners. The second option juicier.

Fried cucumbers in an European way


- 2 fresh cucumbers;

- 1/2 tsps of salt;

- 2 pieces of onions shallot;

- 4 tablespoons of red wine;

- flour for a breading;

- creamy and vegetable oil for frying.


Wash cucumbers and cut them circles. Place vegetable in a bowl. Salt cucumbers and leave them alone for half an hour. During this time salt will extend all excess moisture.

Rinse cucumbers under flowing water, dry by means of a paper towel and put in a bowl.

Cut onions shallot. Place it in a bowl with cucumbers, fill in with red wine for half an hour. For this dish it is necessary to choose a dry wine. However, some prefer to use wine vinegar. It will add to cucumbers pleasant sourness.  

Roll in cucumbers in flour. Only previously shake off them onions and wine. For this purpose cast away them on a colander and let's wine flow down. Don't throw out onions. 

Fry circles of cucumbers and onions on mix of creamy and vegetable oil. Give to a table in a warm look.

Fried cucumbers: Asian recipe


- 2 fresh cucumbers;

- starch for sprinkling;

- 1/2 tsps of salt;

- vegetable oil for frying;

- garlic glove;

- small root of ginger;

- 1 tsps of sesame;

- 2 tablespoons of a soy-bean sauce;

- 1/2 pods of chili pepper.


For Asian option slice cucumbers. Fill up them I will merge for half an hour to remove excess water. Rinse water and dry. Roll in cucumbers in starch. 

Warm vegetable oil in a deep frying pan. The ideal option is to use sesame. 

Cut garlic and ginger. Add them to the warmed oil, mix. In half-minute place cucumbers and continue to mix everything. Fill sesame. In a minute pour in a soy-bean sauce and again mix everything. Add the cut chili pepper. 

Mix and remove a frying pan from fire. Fried cucumbers in an Asian way are ready. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team