Peach: caloric content, influence on health and figure

Peach: caloric content, influence on health and figure

The peach is one of the most popular summer fruit. This tasty fruit has unique structure and useful properties. Its caloric content very low, and influence on health enormous, thanks to a peach it is possible to shape up, improve a figure, to be loaded with energy.

The peach - darling many fruit is from China. Soft by sight and the fruit, sweet on taste, is irreplaceable in a diet of those who adhere to healthy food and wish to lose weight.

Structure of a peach

The peach is a product, extremely useful to the person. In 100 grams of fruit there are useful substances, vitamins, macro - and minerals. It is possible to distinguish carotene, several vitamins of group B and also vitamins E from the vitamins which are its part, To, With and insignificant amount of vitamin H. The maintenance of a peach includes sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silicon, fluorine, iron, iodine, manganese. Aspiring to a slim figure it will be interesting to know that one large peach contains only 45 calories.

Useful properties

Fruit normalizes a blood system. Thanks to the content of vitamin C, walls of blood vessels become stronger, plaques of the atherosclerotic nature are dissolved, cholesterol decreases. Elevated pressure and a warm rhythm are normalized under the influence of potassium and magnesium. Blood clotting improves vitamin K, and folivy acid and iron sposobstut to formation of erythrocytes.

The peach helps to adjust digestive tract as it is rich with cellulose which stimulates work of intestines. Also fruit possesses expressed bile-expelling and diuretic by properties therefore it helps to bring slags and toxins out of an organism, improves work of kidneys.

Consumption of peaches improves a condition of joints and bones. Calcium and phosphorus accelerate exchange processes at arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal device.

Transformation of skin thanks to inclusion of peaches in a diet is felt. Carotene helps skin to become velvety and ruddy, and apple, lemon and wine acids participate in regeneration of an epidermis therefore the died-off parts of skin quickly peel.

Peaches increase immunity. A large amount of vitamins and useful substances helps to avoid diseases even during a season of colds.

Figure and peaches

Peaches positively influence maintenance of weight and even help to lose weight. Their low nutrition value and also participation in acceleration of a metabolism help to achieve great results at an integrated approach to improvement of a figure. Observance of a diet at the use of peaches becomes simpler, they raise a tone and also are excellent enemies of a stress: calm a nervous state and allow to avoid a depression.

Who should eat peaches with care

1) To diabetics. The product contains a large number of sugar.

2) To allergic persons. On a thin skin of a peach pollen which can provoke allergy symptoms contains.

3) To people with excessive acidity of gastric juice. Peaches contain many fruit acids.

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