Praise — the highest degree of an award?

Praise — the highest degree of an award?

of us depend on opinions of surrounding people. Though quite often people who are criticized, or speak about some negative points of estimation of this person, very quickly deny the dependence on others opinions. They say: It is frank to me to spit on the fact that think of me. But, you see, when it comes to positive responses, nobody shouts that he is not interested in opinion of any given person.

All love when they are praised. Think as invigorate and how many forces are given by the pleasant words told by anyone in your address. At once there is a feeling of demand, necessity and the level of self-confidence increases. And such mood stimulates you to do good acts.

Then why if the praise is so useful we so seldom it we use in relation to the family?

Parents treat little children with special awe. For the smallest progress they as a rule reward the kids approving hvalenye. But when the child grows up and begins to make independently decisions, parents are lost and very often make quite gross blunders. They just I punish the child for what is pleasant to him. To punish the permissiveness means. No way. It is just necessary to praise at first the child for the fact that he tried to make something independently without the parental help, and then to explain, kind of offering the help to the little man who is not up to the end understanding all vital problems as it is better to arrive in any given situation.

With teenagers the situation is absolutely also. Constantly criticizing and not making their decisions and actions you only add fuel to the fire. Look narrowly at life of your child more attentively and you will understand why he wants something and why he acts this way, but not differently. Then you will surely find for what to praise it. And such attitude towards the child will let it know that you accept his views and opinions and treat it as to the adult, and it what teenagers want.

In marriage the praise is something doing the relations strong and reliable. Respectively is very important compound. Praise the spouse for the fact that he has an order in the car or for the fact that he took a walk with a dog or for the fact that he took away the child from kindergarten. Tell the spouse who it is a molodchinka, she made such tasty dinner or ironed to you for tomorrow suit or thought up an interesting game for the child. If the loved one notices trifles which you for him do, will do much more pleasantly something for him. And even you will begin to do daily things with special inspiration.

But of course it is worth praising not only when something was made for you and and when your partner achieved some personal objectives. It stimulates in further development and growth. It would seem absolutely small business for you to praise the half, but how many advantage of it. You inspire and awaken new talents in this person. Besides the good mood at your darling, and respectively and at you will become a pleasant bonus.

Very often people just do not pay attention to acts of the people surrounding us. And in a consequence the made efforts remain unnoticed. Try to look in a root of what they do and to put itself on their place and you will understand as far as your relatives deserve a praise. You do not stint warm words — they are capable to create miracles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team