Prunes and dried apricots compote for the child

Prunes and dried apricots compote for the child

Dried apricots is useful, as we know, to a cardiovascular system, in it there are a lot of potassium salts. Prunes, thanks to special structure, help normal work of digestive tract. Prunes and dried apricots compote can be recommended even for children.

It is required to you

  • - dried apricots – a half of a glass
  • - prunes – a half of a glass
  • - sugar – 1 tablespoon
  • - water – 1 l


1. Place dried apricots, prunes in ware. It is possible to use, for example, a small pan. Fill in dried fruits with boiled water. Leave them to lie in hot water within 7-8 minutes.

2. Wash out very carefully dried apricots, prunes. In them there shouldn't be grains of sand, other foreign inclusions. Fill in the washed-out dried fruits with water, put on a plate. When future compote begins to boil, lower fire.

3. You cook drink of 15 minutes. At the same time strong boiling shouldn't be. Then add sugar. Then boil compote of 5 more minutes. Now it it is possible, having removed from fire, to cool up to the acceptable temperature. Compote for the child is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team