Sour cream: than it is useful and harmful when and what it is better to eat with

Sour cream: than it is useful and harmful when and what it is better to eat with

Sour cream is a product of ferment of cream sour-milk bacteria. It is long since known to our ancestors and is a frequent guest on our tables. However not everyone knows about all useful properties of this product. In this article we will tell, than sour cream is useful to women, men and children and whether it is possible it is at weight loss.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Sour cream contains the unique balanced complex of vitamins, macro - and minerals.

It contains such elements:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • fluorine;
  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • iodine.

Vitamins: With, E, B3, B6, B9, B12.

Also beta carotene (promotes maintenance of sight), Riboflavinum (helps transformation of food to energy, improves B6 vitamin assimilation) and cholesterol is a part. Contrary to opinion that cholesterol is harmful, he participates in production of hormones and creation of cages. The moderate amount of cholesterol is necessary for the correct functioning of an organism.

We advise to read about advantage and harm and also features of the consumption of dairy products: cow's and goat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk.

Because of availability of animal fats sour cream is enough kaloriyn. The number of kilocalories on 100 grams of a product differs depending on fat content:

  • 10% — 115 kcal;
  • 15% — 156 kcal;
  • 20% — 206 kcal;
  • 30% — 290 kcal.

Caloric content can slightly change depending on the brand and the producer.

Important! Now on counters "the sour cream product" appeared. At its structure there are vegetable fats and stabilizers. On advantage it considerably gives way to sour cream.

Than sour cream is useful to an organism

Thanks to bacteria which are used by production, sour cream is very useful to a digestive tract. Sour-milk bacteria help digestion of food and its sheer assimilation. Besides the general advantage, sour cream has a number of useful properties separately for women, men and children.

Whether you know? Sour cream is primordially Slavic product which began to extend on the world in the 19th century together with emigrants.


Thanks to copper content this sour-milk viands positively influences production of women's hormones. At the constant use the function of ovaries returns to normal.

And skin care for beauty of female hair potassium, magnesium and vitamins. The regular use helps to struggle with a stress and depressions.

Vitamins of female beauty by right can be considered vitamins A and E, well influencing a condition of hair (A, E) and skin (And, E).

The advantage of sour-milk products for an organism of the pregnant woman is invaluable. A large amount of calcium is what is necessary for future mother.


Very few people know that this fermented milk product is very useful to men. It favorably influences improvement of potency. Also helps to support force of muscles.


Existence in sour cream of calcium helps strengthening of bones with the growing children's organism. Potassium, iron and vitamins also favorably influence development of children.

It is better to enter viands into a diet of the kid since three years when it is already easier for digestive system to digest fat products.

Learn what useful substances are necessary for children for growth.

Whether it is possible to eat sour cream on a diet

Earlier in given to article we said that the caloric content of this dish is rather high. But growing thin you should not refuse this product. The fats which are in structure are necessary to our organism. They well influence a condition of skin, improve exchange processes. Soft stimulation of intestines allows to avoid locks what often happen to women on a diet.

Moderate consumption of this fermented milk product will do only good during weight loss.

Morning, day or evening

It is optimum to add sour cream to the dishes at breakfast or a lunch. In the evening it is better to refrain from the use. Thus the product will manage to be digested fully, without doing harm to a liver and bilious. Also received calories will be able to be spent thanks to day activity and not to do harm to a figure.

Important! Sour cream is much more simply acquired by the adult's organism, than milk. All thanks to the probiotics which is in structure.

What it is combined with

Dairy viands it is well combined with sweet fruit (strawberry, raspberry, bananas), semisweet (bilberry, blueberry, apples, pears, peaches, apricots) and sour (oranges, a kiwi, pineapples, a cranberry). From vegetables best of all approach not starchy (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach). It is desirable to avoid a combination of this fermented milk product to fat, fried dishes (fried potatoes), grain and bakery products.

Whether you know? Long since sour cream was done just of the turned sour cream, without any additions.

Who is not recommended to eat and as can do much harm

People should be careful in consumption of sour cream, having problem with a stomach, namely gastritises, ulcers.

At the increased acidity the consumption of sour cream, especially fat, can lead to heartburn and weight in a stomach. Also it is necessary to reduce the use of this product suffering from diseases of a liver and gall bladder.

To control quantity of portions, because of high caloric content, it is desirable for people with an excess weight.

Sour cream is very useful and nutritious product. At the moderate, but regular use it improves work of a GIT, calms nervous system, gives a healthy look to hair and skin. It suits people of any age and besides pleasant taste will bring benefit to an organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team