Top-5 the budgetary recipes for every day

Top-5 the budgetary recipes for every day

What to prepare when in the fridge at least products. In this article the most low-cost recipes and also the demanding a few efforts and time are collected.

1. Chicken soup. Yes, the most usual chicken soup. This recipe is good the fact that shop you without effort can buy chicken soup kit at the small price and you will have enough it for several cookings.

So, it is required to us:

- Chicken soup kit 200 гр;

- Potato of 2-3 pieces;

- Vermicelli (it is possible to buy especially for chicken soup in bags of seasoning);

- Carrots (at existence and desire) 1 piece;

- Onions (at existence and desire) 1 piece;

- Greens to taste;

- Salt, pepper to taste.

In a pan we put soup kit, we fill in with water more than a half and we put on strong fire. As soon as begins to begin to boil, we remove a skin and we put fire on average. While water boils, we peel cubes potatoes, we brown onions and carrots. In about forty minutes after boiling, put potatoes. Five more minutes also we put the browned onions and carrots, we salt and we pepper to taste. Fragrant soup is ready.

2. Saury fish soup. Very often helps out me when time isn't enough. 


- Saury canned food;

- Rice of 2-3 tablespoons;

- Potatoes of 2-3 pieces;

- Carrots of 1 piece;

- Onions of 1 piece;

- Salt, pepper, greens to taste.

As soup is cooked quickly, at once we peel potatoes and we cut it into cubes. To brown carrot and onions on vegetable oil.

Carefully we wash out rice, we fill in with water more than a half of a pan and we cook on strong fire before boiling. As soon as water begins to boil, we put fire on average.

In about five minutes after boiling of rice, we add potatoes. In ten minutes we add the browned vegetables and a saury.

We salt, we pepper to taste. 

3. Carrot salad

The same demands few efforts, carrot if desired can be replaced with beet.


- carrots of 2 pieces;

- garlic 2-3 cloves;

- mayonnaise to taste.

Grate carrots, garlic small to chop or pass via the garlic press. Add mayonnaise and to mix everything. Tasty salad is ready.

4. Cutlets from a saury

Turn out nourishing and tasty.


- Saury tinned 1 б.;

- Eggs of 2-3 pieces;

- Semolina 0.5 glasses;

- Carrots of 1 piece;

- Onions.

Lay out a saury in a cup, knead a fork. Add eggs, semolina. It is good to stir everything.

Cut carrots circles, small to crumble onions. 

We put a frying pan on average fire, we pour oil. When the frying pan heats up, a tablespoon we put forcemeat and we overturn in 2-3 minutes. We spread cutlets separately in a big plate. 

As soon as all cutlets are ready, we brown in a frying pan carrots and onions to a soft state. We put from above cutlets and we fill in with water. We extinguish before boiling away of water on slow fire. 

Cutlets are ready.

5. Mannik

Fast and inexpensive dessert, it is possible to water from above with condensed milk or jam.


- Kefir 1 glass;

- Milk 1 glass;

- Flour 1 glass;

- Semolina 1 glass;

- Sugar 1 glass;

- 1 egg;

- 1 h l of soda.

Except milk, we mix all ingredients and we shake up the mixer at great speed. We fill in dough in the form oiled and we put in an oven by 180 degrees. We bake until ready, we check a match.

When the mannik is ready, we take a glass of boiled milk and we pour from above. 

The tasty dessert is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team