What is smoothie

What is smoothie

Smoothie – drink on the basis of fresh berries or fruit. Traditionally obligatory additional ingredients are milk, ice or juice. Drinking smoothie and drink which is better for using by means of a spoon distinguish. The compounding of preparation of fruit mix is popular in the field of healthy food.

Who thought up smoothie

For the first time smoothie appeared in California. Since 1930th years, drink began prompt rates to gain popularity at first in the USA, and then and around the world. It is considered that the recipe of fruit mix and its name thought up hippie.

From 1980th years of smoothie appear practically in all cafes, restaurants, in specialized shops. Drinks made just before giving on a table or started in sale in bottles.

Structure and advantage of smoothie

Smoothie only from natural products – fruit, vegetables and berries which carefully mix up with milk, ice, serums or a genuine tea is cooked. All ingredients mix up by means of the mixer or the blender.

Nutritionists note that one glass of smoothie is capable to supply a human body with standard daily rate of vitamins and nutrients.

Smoothie is among dietetic beverages. By amount of vitamins and useful substances he substantially exceeds even fresh juices. The modern compounding of its preparation was complemented with new ingredients – egg white, sugar and ice cream. Drink tones up, invigorates, makes salutary impact on an organism and increases its resilience against catarrhal diseases. Some of advantages of smoothie can call also a light way of its preparation and also availability of necessary products.

Types of smoothie

Smoothie can be divided into several categories depending on the used ingredients. Drinks are vegetable, dessert, refreshing, egg, dairy and sating. Refreshing smoothie are cooked from smaller amount of fruit and berries, and the prevailing product is the crushed ice. In such drink sour and sweet ingredients have to be combined at the same time. For example, apple and blackcurrant. Dessert smoothie have, as a rule, very dense consistence. Use such mix a dessertspoon. Besides standard ingredients, in such smoothie honey, ice cream, nuts and sugar is added.

In the West specialized by smoothie restaurants aren't a rarity. Such institutions especially attract admirers of healthy food and those who watch the weight.

For preparation vegetable smoothie sugar isn't recommended to be used. A vegetable mix enjoys wide popularity of vegetarians. Thanks to saturated consistence such smoothie can replace a breakfast or even a lunch. Smoothie with addition of milk is reminded by cocktails. The main thing what it is necessary to pay attention at preparation of such drink to – not all vegetables, fruit and berries are combined with a dairy products.

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