What to prepare from milk

What to prepare from milk

Milk – not only a nutritious basis of daily porridge, but also a remarkable product for preparation of more difficult dishes. Remember the childhood, cook milk kissel or vermicelli soup. Touch French cuisine, and make refined sauce béchamel or indulge yourself with tasty home-made condensed milk.

Milk kissel


- 600 ml of milk; - 2 tablespoons of potato or corn starch;

- 1 tsps of vanilla sugar; - 2 tablespoons of white sugar. Sift starch through a close-meshed sieve to remove the available lumps. Dissolve it in one glass of milk, well stir a spoon and filter through several layers of a gauze. Pour the remained milk in a pan or a stewpan and put on average fire. Bring it almost to the boil, sweeten with sugar and very slowly enter into it starched liquid at constant stirring.

You cook kissel at the minimum temperature about 5 minutes, then switch off fire, add vanilla sugar and mix. Give a dessert hot or in cold. In the second case it can be cooled in molds, and then to turn on a plate.

Milk vermicelli soup

Ingredients: - 500 ml of milk; - 50 g of small vermicelli; - salt pinch; - 2 tablespoons of white sugar; - 20 g of a desi; Warm up milk, without allowing boiling and emergence of a fat skin. Add some salt to it, pour sugar and small portions vermicelli, kneading it that rigid lumps didn't turn out. Cook milk soup of 10 minutes, pour on two plates and flavor every portion with a desi.

Simple recipe of sauce béchamel

Ingredients: - 350 ml of milk; - 60 g of a desi; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 2 eggs. Put a desi in a stewpan or a deep frying pan and kindle it on average fire. Fill flour there and fry thoroughly it till light brown color then pour a thin stream in warm milk. Stir sauce several minutes a wooden scapula, won't thicken yet, and rearrange on a pith support. Carefully shake up eggs in a separate bowl a nimbus or the blender to uniformity and very quickly implicate them in dairy weight.

Real home-made condensed milk

Ingredients: - 250 ml of the milk from 4.3% of fat content which wasn't exposed to heat treatment; - 150 g of quality powdered milk; - 300 g of white sugar. Fill a pan of the average size with water to the middle of height and heat at an average temperature. Pour milk in ware of slightly smaller size and insert into the first capacity, creating a design of a water bath. Dismiss in it powdered milk, sugar and you weary before condensation and acquisition of a subtle caramel shade, without forgetting to stir slowly periodically that didn't burn. Usually on it about 1 hour leaves.

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