Whether it is possible to eat pears at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to eat pears at pregnancy

During pregnancy the woman pays special attention to selection of food as many of them are not included in the main menu. It is no secret that the diet of the pregnant woman has to be replenished with the vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of adult and children's organisms. One of the best sources of active biological agents pear — the juicy, tasty and useful fruit allowing to facilitate considerably process of incubation of the child is considered.

Advantage and harm of pear at pregnancy

To understand, than pear is useful, it is necessary to study its unique chemical composition attentively.

Important! The fruit contains 11% of a daily dose of vitamin C which strengthens walls of vessels in the structure and positively influences digestion of iron.

About 83% of percent of fruit are made by water, the rest is necessary on:

  • cellulose — is supported by digestion;
  • ascorbic acid — does the immune system of stronger, increases protective functions of an organism to harmful external factors;
  • potassium — normalizes brain activity and work of nerves, improves functioning of heart;
  • magnesium — warns a uterus tone, has sedative effect, takes part in water-salt exchange;
  • calcium and phosphorus — strengthens a bone, muscle and tooth tissue, contributes to the normal development of a skeleton in the child;
  • iron — interferes with development of anemia, enriches blood, promotes blood formation.

Moreover, fruit is sated with the large volume of B9 vitamin — folic acid which is vital at pregnancy as the means helping normal formation of nervous system of the kid, preventing development of various pathologies.

Pear is rich with unique antioxidant — glutathione which main objective consists in stabilization of arterial blood pressure, clarification of an organism from hazardous substances and toxins, normalization of a metabolism and elimination of symptoms of toxicosis.

Learn what fruit are important during pregnancy.

At moderate consumption of fruits they practically cannot do to an organism harm. It is necessary to refuse intake of fresh pear at exacerbation of stomach ulcer or gastritis. In such cases fruit can be eaten in the boiled, baked look or steamed. Excessive eating of fruit can provoke the increased gas generation which to become capable the reason of a tone of a uterus dangerous to women on any term. A large number of fruits can cause indigestions and deterioration in the general state of health.

The main rule at the use of this sweet product is a strict observance of the portions recommended by the doctor: in the absence of contraindications — no more than 5 pieces a day. It is very important to eat fruits only during a season, any pears in winter time bought on counters of shops.

Whether you know? In Ancient Greece, pears were used as motion sickness medicine. During sea transitions the seamen rassasyvat pieces of fruit and by that got rid of nausea.

Whether it is possible on early terms

Pears are considered as a low-calorie, hypoallergenic product which is capable to become a good vitamin and mineral source for future mothers on the first terms of pregnancy.

At its structure there are vitamins C, B9, E, minerals — iodine, calcium, phosphorus which are simply necessary in the first three months. Regular consumption of fruit will allow:

  • to normalize work of a thyroid gland, to balance production of hormones;
  • to support the natural level of hormones and to prevent risk of an abortion;
  • to prevent development of defects of a nervous tube in a fruit;
  • to stimulate growth and natural development of an embryo.

At consumption of pear it is impossible to wash down it with water as this can provoke problems in functioning of digestive system.

Important! At severe toxicosis the doctors do not recommend to use fresh pear or juice from it as they will only strengthen unpleasant feelings and can lead to organism dehydration. In that case fresh fruits can be replaced dried, dried or baked.

In the second trimester

Intake of these fruit in the second trimester is not less useful. At this time load of all internals of the woman, in particular, heart, a digestive tract, an urinary system raises. The use of fruits will allow to facilitate a condition of the pregnant woman and also will give the chance:

  • to normalize blood circulation;
  • to reduce puffinesses;
  • to increase receipt in an iron organism, to save thereby from anemia and a gestosis;
  • to keep a uterus in a physiological state;
  • it is careful to clean intestines.

Important! Fruit should be used between the main meals. It will allow to prevent gas generation and problems with digestion.

On late terms

Last months pregnancies consumption of pear will save the woman from puffinesses and problems with a digestive tract. Its useful properties consist in the following:

  • normalizes work of heart and liver;
  • intensifies production of enzymes;
  • serves as prevention of anemia;
  • facilitates digestion, eliminates locks;
  • improves mood, normalizes a dream, takes off fatigue;
  • strengthens the immune system, increases resistance of an organism to external factors.

Whether you know? Before Christopher Columbus brought tobacco to the European countries, locals for smoking used leaves of some plants. Pear leaves were famous for special honor.

Juice from fruit also is useful. It has diuretic, antiseptic effect, allows to get rid of hypostases, to adjust work of kidneys, to avoid problems with an urinogenital system.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Certainly, the maximum advantage of pear can be received, only using it fresh. However not all women in interesting situation are allowed to eat such fruits. Contraindications are:

  • exacerbation of stomach ulcer, duodenum or gastritis;
  • problems with a pancreas;
  • tendency to the raised meteorizm;
  • individual intolerance.

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Also fruit needs to be used, observing some precautionary measures:

  • there are no crude fruits on an empty stomach or to wash down them with water;
  • to eat fruit in thirty minutes prior to the main meal or in 2–3 hours after it;
  • not to combine with meat;
  • to refuse consumption of pears in the form of jam as it contains a large number of sugar and it is almost deprived of useful substances;
  • not to use over 500 g of fruits a day, otherwise it can cause diarrhea, an abdominal distension and the increased gas generation.
  • in most cases at observance of consumption rates pear does not make negative impact on an organism and is an excellent source of useful substances.

Directions of use

If the pregnant woman has no contraindications, then it is better to eat pear fresh. It can be added to fruit salads, to mix with fermented milk products, for example, yogurts, kefir or cottage cheese. Fruit apply as a stuffing to pies, pancakes, from them prepare various desserts, pastries. They are perfectly combined practically with all types of fruit, some vegetables, meat of chicken or a turkey.

Whether you know? Surprisingly, but the closest relative of pear is the rose. As well as this surprising flower, fruit belongs to family Pink.

Fresh pears apply to preparation of juice, compotes, fruit drinks, jam or jams. These products, though have less useful components, than fresh fruits, but they allow to adjust work of a digestive tract, kidneys, a liver, urinary bodies.

For a raising of level of hemoglobin, shortage control of iodine and folic acid it is recommended to eat pear puree with buckwheat. Grain is cooked by about 20 minutes, then add fruit, crush before formation of uniform consistence. Pear — useful and tasty fruit which at regular consumption in moderate quantities and almost total absence of contraindications will allow to avoid complications during incubation of the child and will significantly facilitate process of childbirth. It will not cause any complications in mother and the kid, will manage to saturate an organism with valuable vitamins, minerals and will become remarkable treatment-and-prophylactic many illnesses medicine.

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