Whether it is possible to use oranges at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to use oranges at pregnancy

To pregnant women recommend to take various fruit in food to receive necessary for themselves and development of a fruit vitamins and minerals. Bright orange oranges are on sale in shops all the year round, but future mothers are interested in rationality of inclusion of this product in the menu. We learn how it is the best of all to use this citrus during pregnancy, precautionary measures and contraindications and also as it is possible to use these fruit.

Whether it is possible to eat oranges at pregnancy

Of course, if there are no contraindications, this citrus will bring only benefit. In them there is a large amount of vitamin C necessary for immunity and digestion of iron, strengthening of vessels. They also contain group B vitamins including B9 (folic acid) necessary for normal formation of a fruit.

Whether you know? From a peel of orange receive essential oil. It is considered that the bio-energetics of this oil gives to the person an optimistic spirit, belief in the forces, raises a self-assessment, eliminates apathy. It can help the pregnant woman to create around itself the atmosphere of light and joyful expectation of the kid, will give energy, will eliminate alarms and fears.

There are at oranges also vitamins E, A, PP and also calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and absolutely insignificant amount of iron, selenium and zinc. Orange also contains the food fibers and pectins promoting digestion.

At consumption of oranges the organism of the pregnant woman gets the mass of advantages:

  • the immune system becomes stronger, there is a protection against infectious diseases therefore it is good to use oranges during the cold period when risk to catch a cold above, and the choice of fruit is limited;
  • the appetite increases, food well is digested;
  • locks are eliminated, there is a stimulation of work of a liver;
  • vessels become stronger that is prevention of varicosity;
  • there is a positive influence on work of heart, arterial blood pressure decreases;
  • exchange processes improve, toxins are removed;
  • teeth and bones become stronger;
  • the mood improves: already only one smell of a citrus stabilizes an emotional spirit.

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But this bright fruit has also negative impacts:

  • high content of organic acids is destructive affects enamel of teeth and irritates mucous a digestive tract;
  • as well as all citrus, orange can cause an allergy;
  • contains many digestible carbohydrates.

On early terms

At the beginning of pregnancy the women quite often want to eat something salty or sour, and there is no wonder. In sauerkraut and a citrus there is a lot of vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid helps to weaken symptoms of toxicosis and to adapt to the woman to the changes happening at it inside. During attacks of nausea it is enough to some women to chew or eat couple of orange segments that there came simplification.

A large amount of vitamin C strengthens an organism of the pregnant woman, is prevention of catarrhal diseases. During this period it is extremely undesirable to future mother to be ill, and many drugs are under a ban.

A large amount of vitamin C also contains in such food as a dogrose, a mountain ash red, a sea-buckthorn, a papaya, strawberry, fennel, parsley, a kiwi, Bruxelles and a cauliflower.

This citrus contains also the folic acid very important during this period for normal formation of a fruit. In the first trimester when there is a reorganization of an organism, the women often have sensation of fear, quickly get tired and are easily irritated. The smell of orange will help to cheer up, calm down and be adjusted on a positive harmony.

Important! Frequent stresses and negative emotions in the first trimester can have an adverse effect on the kid and even to lead to an abortion. The woman has to make everything positively to be adjusted on motherhood and to avoid a negative. It is recommended to practice pleasant occupations, yoga, to listen to music, to walk on the park and if nothing helps to calm down, it is necessary to address the psychologist.

In the 2nd trimester

The fruit continues to grow in the second trimester and begins to press on digestive organs that sometimes leads to emergence of locks. The cellulose and pectins which are in orange will help with the solution of this problem as improve motility of intestines.

Availability of potassium will help to cope with puffiness which can arise owing to the fruit pressure upon kidneys. The woman begins to gain weight, and it can cause increase in pressure. Vitamin C, whose contents in this orange fruit it is so high, will help to strengthen vessels and heart, promotes pressure decrease, serves as prevention of catarrhal diseases. All vitamins and minerals which are in orange are still necessary for the kid developing in the woman.

Whether you know? Oranges began to be grown up by Chinese about 2500 BC, and to Europe they were delivered by Portuguese. Orange trees are now cultivated in the Mediterranean countries and in the central regions of the American continent. It is most of all grown up oranges in Brazil (16.32 million tons according to 2014), and China ranked second honourable with a big separation (6.9 million tons).

In the 3rd trimester

Fruit pressure upon internals during this period increases even stronger. All useful properties of orange fruit which were necessary in the second trimester remain relevant and in the third. Especially important is an existence in oranges of digestible calcium. However it is necessary to know that almost created organism of the kid can have an allergy to this product therefore doctors recommend to treat with care products which are potential allergens (honey, a citrus, strawberry, chocolate and so forth) and whenever possible to exclude them from food in the last two months before childbirth.

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Contraindications and precautionary measures

At consumption of oranges future mummies need to consider the following contraindications:

  • the allergy — if exists tendency to it, then the use of a citrus is forbidden;
  • exacerbation of diseases of a GIT (stomach ulcer or duodenum, gastritis and so forth);
  • diabetes;
  • the individual intolerance — can be expressed in appearance of diarrhea, nausea, rashes, hypostases.

When using in food of these orange fruits it is necessary to observe such precautionary measures:

  1. To carefully wash fruits with warm water. Experts recommend to use at the same time laundry soap. It is connected with the fact that the skin of this fruit is often processed chemicals for long storage which are harmful to an organism and can cause diarrhea, poisoning and different allergic reactions.
  2. Not to take the begun to rot and stale fruits.
  3. If the skin of orange casts unnatural luster, then, most likely, it was processed special wax for storage. It is better to refuse such purchase.
  4. After inclusion in food of this citrus it is necessary to rinse a mouth warm water as enamel of teeth becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.
  5. Pregnant women are forbidden to use orange juice together with castor oil which is accepted sometimes from locks. Such combination can provoke premature birth.
  6. Experts do not recommend to eat many oranges. It is enough to include of them in a fresh diet 1–2 times a week.

What can be made

It is useful to eat oranges as an independent dessert. For this purpose previously washed up fruit is cleaned from a skin, and later accepted in food, separating a segment behind a segment. It is possible to cut it together with a peel half rings and to lay out on a dish. Orange, thanks to the flavoring and useful properties, received great popularity in cookery. Do juice, cocktails of it, to smoothie. It is possible to make lemonade from a peel of this fruit or just to add to tea.

Important! Fresh oranges recommend to use after a meal. It is connected with the fact that the acids which are contained in them can negatively influence mucous a stomach and intestines.

The dried-up peel can also be added to tea to impact it relish and aroma of a citrus. The orange dried peel (which is dried up and the crushed peel) is often used at baking of confectionery.

Juice of this fruit is used at preparation of meat dishes, sweet-sour sauces. Oranges are well combined with meat of chicken, a duck, pork. Moreover, they help to be acquired better to meat products.

This fruit often meets as ingredient of vegetable and fruit salads, different sweet desserts (jelly, puddings), it is added to ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurts. Use oranges and at baking of cakes, pies. From them the excellent stuffing for pancakes turns out. From this citrus cook jams, jam, confitures, and from a peel it is possible to prepare candied fruits. Often orange add to apple, cherry, pear some jam for giving of unusual taste and aroma to them.

From it can use juice of orange and essential oil women including expecting the child, in the cosmetic purposes.

These means use as ingredients in face packs and a hair, for production of face cleaners and so forth. Cosmetics from this fruit possess excellent anti-cellulite influence and well help from extensions during pregnancy.

Study useful properties of orange juice and essential oil of orange.

With their help it is possible to get rid of acne rash and pigmentary spots which sometimes arise during this period at the woman also. Orange oil normalizes integument fat content, well tones up skin, removes muscular stress, softens callosities.

It is possible to benefit from orange for an organism during pregnancy, of course, if there are no contraindications. Especially it will be useful in 1–2 trimesters. However it should not be eaten in large numbers, at the same time it is necessary to monitor reaction of the organism as this fruit is an allergenic product.

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