Why it is worth falling in love with grapes?"

Why it is worth falling in love with grapes?"

is a set of the reasons why it is worth falling in love with grapes.

  1. Protection against a heart attack

Grapes improve work of heart and reduce arterial blood pressure. The American scientists made experiment over mice. They were put into a diet with the high content of salt. Shirokoizvestno, that salt increases arterial blood pressure. A half of mice took hypertension medicine, and the second half – grape juice. In 18 weeks the scientists analyzed a condition of heart at both groups. It turned out that mice who drank grape juice felt better, than those which took medicine.

The British scientists confirmed conclusions of the American scientists. It turned out that grapes also reduce cholesterol level in blood.

  1. Fight against extra kilos

The American nutritionists made one experiment: they divided experimental into three groups. Each group had to make foot walks within 30 minutes. The first group ate grapes, the second group drank grape juice, and the diet of the third group was left without changes. In several weeks everyone group was weighed. Participants of the first group on average dumped 1.5 kg, the second group – 2 kg., the third group – 0.5 kg. Scientists believe that berries of grapes contain substances which interfere with formation of fat and improve insulin exchange. Most of all useful substances in a grapes thin skin therefore it is possible to tell that berries work more effectively than juice.

  1. Protection against solar burns

Grapes contain flavonoids which increase resistance of an organism to ultraviolet. Therefore before a holiday it is worth feeding an organism with grapes in advance. Flavonoids not only protect skin from the sun, but also reduce risk of developing of cancer of skin. Most of all useful substances in red grapes.

  1. Protection against caries

Grapes contain substances which are fixed on bacteria and complicate formation of a scale and, therefore, caries.

Contain in grapes:

- Group B vitamins: improve work of nervous system, do hair and skin by more beautiful.

- Vitamin C: slows down processes of aging and increases immunity.

- Potassium: strengthens vessels and protects heart.

- Calcium: does teeth and bones strong.

- Resveratrol: protects from cardiovascular diseases.

LifeGid: information on vitamins

Stir up a grapes cluster – if many berries were showered, so grapes perespet. Fresh grapes have a white raid on berries. Grapes should be washed carefully before the use. On ripe grapes it is often possible to meet dark dots on a thin skin. Such grapes will lie not for long.

Grapes are not for long stored therefore it is not necessary to buy it for the future. If you bought a lot of grapes, you can freeze it. The frozen grapes berries effectively look in cold drinks.

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