As avitaminosis is shown and what to do at a lack of vitamins

As avitaminosis is shown and what to do at a lack of vitamins

Avitaminosis. It seems, in it there is nothing terrible. But such opinion of people is wrong as the shortage of vitamins B an organism affects all its functions and will break work of many internals and systems.

What is it?

Many of us faced a concept of avitaminosis. In the people such phrases as seasonal avitaminosis, spring and autumn avitaminosis are especially popular. But, actually, under these concepts the usual seasonal shortage of vitamins arising in the fall and in the spring which is not critical for an organism and is easily filled from the beginning of summer at consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables or after reception of the simplest vitamin complexes disappears. But this state is called hypovitaminosis rather — insufficiency of one or several types of vitamins which in an organism though are only in small quantity, but nevertheless are present.

At healthy nutrition and care of the health, such vitamin deficiency is quickly filled with necessary substances. But if we still spoke only about hypovitaminosis, what is avitaminosis and how it is shown? Avitaminosis is very serious violation in work of a human body which is followed by global functional violations and can lead to heavy complications, and at times, in case of sharp total insufficiency, even by a lethal outcome. However, at timely treatment the disease has the favorable forecast and in most cases easily recovers. At avitaminosis the critical shortage or total absence of one or several vitamins is observed.

Important! Vitamins are the vital elements for a human body, exactly thanks to them our organism can successfully function, since cellular level and finishing with a condition of hair, nails and skin.

Cellular respiration, food of cages, their growth, division and differentiation are possible only with participation in these processes of vitamin and mineral complexes. As a result there is a development and updating of bodies, fabrics and systems. The organism begins to resist more successfully infections and various diseases, work of the immune system and resistance to various negative influences from the external world around improves. But sometimes it happens so that there is a vitamin deficiency, at what that at which any vitamin in general can be absent in a human body. The general causes of avitaminosis of any kind there can be a set:

  • scarcity of a food allowance, absence in it fresh vegetables and fruit, greens, grain, meat, eggs, milk or cottage cheese;
  • digestive tract diseases at which vitamins are not soaked up by fibers of intestines and just do not get to blood;
  • violations in functioning of cellular transport because of what vitamins do not become biologically active agents in fabrics;
  • wrong metabolism;
  • vitamins can not be synthesized and not be acquired a human body;
  • the addictions breaking synthesis and digestion of vitamins;
  • chronic stress or constant fatigue;
  • the feeding period at young mother, the code all vitamins depart to the kid;
  • intake of medicamentous medicines which switch off effect of vitamins. These are, for example, some antibacterial drugs, medicines which part the acetilsalicylic acid and means inactivating vitamin K, blood, necessary for fluidifying, and reduction of its coagulability is.

It is important! Though the shortage of vitamins is also dangerous to the person, but their surplus sometimes is even more dangerous and can cause serious consequences, beginning from very high temperature and to total inability of an organism to produce insulin. Therefore, it is impossible to accept carelessly all vitamin complexes in unlimited number at all! Intake of medicine has to be coordinated with the doctor, and doses and time of reception have to be observed accurately.

Exist as well the general symptoms testifying to the shortage of vitamins B an organism:

  • changes of a condition of hair — they become dim, excessively split and break, the number of the dropped-out hair increases;
  • nails suffer too — begin to exfoliate and crumble, very soft and fragile;
  • skin becomes dry and pale, looks sluggish and even a little grayish;
  • lips quickly dry up and burst, appearance of herpes on lips is possible;
  • the sight becomes not such sharp, and at times and considerably worsens;
  • there can be blood during toothbrushing as bleeding of gums increases;
  • the person begins to have colds and a SARS often;
  • old chronic diseases, for example, fungal infections, the milkwoman at women, herpetic sores become aggravated and become more frequent;
  • the appetite worsens, and at times and completely vanishes;
  • there is an aching joint pain and muscle tissues, spasms can develop;
  • nervous system and the psychological sphere suffers — the person has mostly a bad mood, he is apathetic and suppressed, inclined to a depression, sleepy and sluggish, hardly gets out of a bed, work of a brain worsens, in particular storing and concentration suffers.

Whether you know? Iodinated salt was entered into the world use not just like that. It compensates for the iodine deficiency because of what the average value of mental abilities worldwide considerably increased.

Reasons, symptoms, diagnostics and treatment of different types

Despite the general symptoms of avitaminosis, a lack of some concrete vitamin it is shown perfectly from others, has the causes, methods of diagnostics and treatment.


The vitamin A known in medical circles also as Retinolum, participates in many processes of activity, providing updating of integuments, visual acuity, strengthening immunity, harmonizing the central nervous system and maintains balance of hormones. The lack of this substance can be caused, first, by violation of its receipt from food, and, secondly, because of digestive tract diseases (dysbacteriosis or malabsorption, decrease in gastric privacy) because of what vitamin is not acquired. Also the reason of violations the period of pregnancy and feeding of the kid as a breast, an old age, diseases of kidneys and a liver in a chronic current, a disease of biliary tract can act. Symptoms of avitaminosis And are shown in:

  • violation of visual acuity;
  • burning in eyes and dryness, a lack of plaintive allocations;
  • appearance of night blindness, that is, vision in the dark worsens;
  • emergence of a cataract in an eye is possible;
  • skin is shelled and becomes dry;
  • brittle and dry hair;
  • yellowing of a nail plate;
  • teeth turn yellow.

Usually the patient can guess the beginning of a disease as the symptomatology is obvious and available to observation. Most often no additional researches are required because any doctor can make the diagnosis only judging by a clinical picture, and for this purpose rather simple survey and collecting the anamnesis. However, at emergence of symptoms, it is necessary to address for consultation two experts — the ophthalmologist and the dermatologist. They diagnose a disease and will appoint treatment — as special for visual impairments and skin, and for completion of an organism missing vitamin A.

Learn how to avoid autumn avitaminosis and what leads deficiency of vitamins to.

In case the cause of illness is not in scarcity of food, and in internal problems of an organism, additional inspections can be appointed. And then treatment will be strictly special and directed to the prime cause. The nutritionist has to be engaged in treatment of completion of deficiency of vitamin A. He will appoint vitamin complexes and also a diet which surely has to contain the following products containing the maximum quantity of vitamin A:

  • milk and it products;
  • liver;
  • seafood;
  • butter;
  • sea fish;
  • eggs;
  • berries of currant and gooseberry;
  • apricots;
  • vegetables — spinach, carrot, salad and onions.

Important! For successful completion of deficiency all products containing Retinolum have to be used daily, otherwise at the irregular use the treatment will be inefficient.


The set of vitamins which are very important for healthy activity belong to group B. These substances are responsible for exchange processes in a body, provide operability of internals and systems, maintain immunity. But each vitamin from this group differs in the specific symptomatology. However, these substances have to come to an organism in a complex, but not separately as they are closely interconnected.

  • B1 (thiamine) causes premature withering of skin, weakness of muscles, violations in central nervous system, arrhythmia and violations of breath. It is shown in appearance of a skin itch, short wind and zatrudnyonnost of breath, deterioration or total absence of appetite, decrease in cognitive functions. The thiamine deficiency is compensated by consumption of yeast, bakery products, coarse flour and vitamin complexes.
  • B2 (Riboflavinum) is shown by loss of weight and appetite, damages of skin, inflammation of an internal oral cavity, photosensitivity. The greatest number of substance contains in cereals and peas, in meat and milk.
  • B3 (niatsin) influences regulation of a dream — in the afternoon of people wants to sleep, and suffers insomnia at night. Also its shortcoming causes the increased skin sensitivity, loss and decolouration of hair, a depression. For completion of shortage it is necessary to eat a lot of greens, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and eggs and also it is more than liver, both animal, and bird's.

Whether you know? The advantage of potatoes depends on a way of its preparation the baked or steamed potatoes are very rich with B1 vitamin which is almost completely destroyed when frying.

  • B5 (pantothenic acid) is characterized by violation of pigmentation both skin, and hair — on a body there are spots, hair change pigmentation and strongly drop out. Appearance of a severe itch is followed. A lot of pantothenic acid can be found in meat and fish, in a bird, milk, in vegetables, nuts and bean.
  • The lack of B6 vitamin causes attacks of nausea and spasm at night, causes cognitive dysfunction and even psychoses. It is filled with egg yolks, a liver and potatoes, spinach, carrots and nuts.
  • B9 (a foliyeva acid) — very important element during pregnancy. It is a construction basis for a new organism. Its shortage is followed by anemia (anemia), loss of weight and insomnia and also a severe headache and violations in digestion. It is filled with products from kidneys and a liver, fresh vegetables and greens, and still cereals and nuts.
  • B12 (cyanocobalamine) — an important construction element as participates in creation of DNA of each cage in an organism. Therefore at its deficiency there are serious violations in the form of psychosis or even paralysis. There can be stutter, very unpleasant smell of a body, inflammation of an internal oral cavity, chronic fatigue and numbness of hands and legs. Completion of a shortcoming is a little problematic as substance contains in products only in a small amount — it is practically not in plants, and is in meat products a little — in a veal and beef liver, in seafood and fish and also in mutton.

Important! Warning to vegetarians! B12 vitamin is not synthesized by an organism, and can only collect. And animals cope with it much better. Therefore consumption only of vegetable food, extremely poor B12, is guaranteed will cause its deficiency. That to avoid it, surely accept B12 in a medicamentous form.


The deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) appears for the same reasons, as other types of a vitamin deficiency. The special danger is constituted by the periods when the organism is weakened — pregnancy and feeding by a breast, active growth at children, advanced age of the person, excessive loadings, both physical, and intellectual. Avitaminosis symptoms With are shown by the increased bleeding including gums, development of caries, trouble breathing and violation of digestion, fatigue and weakness, existence of a pain syndrome without a certain localization. Shortage With introduction to a diet of the patient of high doses of ascorbic acid, for example, through products (vegetables and berries, blackcurrant, tomatoes and spinach) and also by means of medicamentous introduction by means of tablets or injections is treated.


Vitamin D (calciferol) is a synthetic connection which is developed by skin of the person under the influence of sunlight on it — ultraviolet. At a lack of D at children growth and development slows down, and the general symptoms are shown by damages of teeth (caries), articulate pains, spasms, fragility of bones and their violation, emergence of stoop, loss of weight and weakness. The shortcoming causes such serious diseases as rickets, osteoporosis, an osteomalyation, multiple sclerosis and type 2 diabetes. Treatment of avitaminosis of D is done by means of inclusion in a diet of such products as a liver beef and pork, eggs, dairy products and fat fish. Also radiation by ultraviolet, administration of drugs of calcium and the accompanying treatment of internal diseases is appointed.

Whether you know? At men vitamin D and hormone testosterone are very closely connected. It is proved that more solar vitamin is received by the man, than more he is in the sun, above testosterone level grows in its organism.


Vitamin E (tocopherol) is very dependent on external and internal environment of an organism. It easily collapses under the influence of toxic substances such as

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