For what the agar and what is it is necessary?

For what the agar and what is it is necessary?

Quite often on packings of qualitative desserts it is possible to read that agar-agar is a part. Most often it is called the Japanese or Bengalese gelatin. And it is valid, this component — the vegetable analog of thickener habitual to us having a series of useful qualities. From what it is received in what qualities it differs and whether it is harmful to health, we also will describe further.

What is it?

Agar-agar — the most valuable red water plant of Gelidium amansii which in abundance meets on all Pacific coastline of Japan and Asia and also on a coastal part of the Indian Ocean and the White Sea. Externally it is the filigree plant reaching in length of 25 cm.

Whether you know? For the first time agar-agar was described by the German microbiologist V. Hesse. And originally it presented a product as the nutritious atmosphere for reproduction of bacteria. And here his wife suggested to use seaweed in the culinary purposes.

As receive

These seaweed by special networks or a rake are got in the summer. After crop is reaped, it is scrupulously washed with water, cleaning with that not only from dirt, but also from small microorganisms. That seaweed could be overworked subsequently, they are displayed on special laying and dried up, systematically overturning. The dried-up substance is stored in warehouse, and then sent for processing.

In confectionery production also use mint, sunflower honey, cocoa, sesame and coconut oil and also an anisetree, a carnation and nuts.

Description of appearance

Ready material is produced in the form of white-yellow briquettes or powder which at connection with hot liquid create dense zhelepodobny jelly. Subdivide a ready-made product into two grades:

  1. The highest. It is characterized by white or slightly yellowish shade.
  2. The first. Has dark yellow tone.

Whether you know? One teaspoon of agar-agar replaces 8 spoons of gelatin.

Physical properties

Molecules of this alga oblong, therefore at the jelly received from them high durability. Besides, the ready-made product is dissolved only at high temperature — +95...+100 °C are also never dissolved in cold water. It is unique property which distinguishes it from other natural thickeners.

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Right after dissolution the product forms transparent, viscous jelly. After cooling up to the temperature of +35...+40 °C substance becomes transparent and pure gel. One more feature of agar-agar — thermoreversibility. At a warming up up to +85...+95 °C it becomes liquid again and again stiffens at +35...+40 °C.

Structure and caloric content

Agar-agar contains the decent volume of valuable mineral salts (1.5-4%) and also:

  • polysaccharides;
  • vitamins;
  • pyroracemic (acidum pyroracemicum) and glucuronic (glucuronic acid) acid;
  • agaropektin;
  • agarose;
  • galactose, pentose.

It is important! As our organism does not absorb agar-agar, its nutritiousness tends to zero.

The power composition of agar-agar looks thus:

  • proteins — 4 g (16 kcal);
  • fats — 0 g;
  • carbohydrates — 76 g (304 kcal).

Useful properties

The main advantage of agar-agar — prebiotic property. Our organism contains the mass of microorganisms which help to process food. And this alga helps them to breed. During digestion, substance turns into useful amino acids and vitamins.

Scientists note such positive impacts of a product on an organism:

  • stabilization of content of glucose;
  • activization of peristaltic function (due to expansion there is a smooth laxative result, without dependence and a conclusion of useful minerals);
  • filling by biologically significant elements, B9 vitamin;
  • reduction of cholesterol and triatsilglitserid;
  • reduction of degree of acid of gastric juice;
  • removal of by-products, metals, detoxication.

Important! At the expense of rigid fibers this product for long time keeps feeling of satiety that reduces the volume of the eaten food and positively influences weight.

Being dissolved in a stomach, the agar forms specific gel which absorbs on itself(himself) a portion of carbohydrates and reduces number of the consumed calories. Besides, this alga is capable to render and other positive effects:

  • strengthens a hair bulb, adds healthy gloss;
  • tones up skin;
  • is good prophylactic against varicosity;
  • reduces pain and irritation from hematomas;
  • helps to heal cuts and grazes.

All know that seafood is enriched with iodine therefore at violation of work of a thyroid gland agar-agar is recommended to include in salads.

Important! On the last researches, agar-agar attribute such quality as prevention of a breast cancer.

Harm and contraindications

All know that medicine differs from poison a dosage. The same truth is right also for agar-agar. The main contraindication to its application — no more than 4 g a day.

At the same time it is necessary to follow such rules:

  1. Before inclusion of a product in a diet, it is necessary to consult the doctor.
  2. In a combination with certain products (tea, chocolate) this alga can cause allergic reactions.
  3. At the simultaneous use of agar-agar with a sorrel, a mangold, a rhubarb, spinach or grape vinegar, the stomach can do much harm.

As we see, the list of advantages of agar-agar considerably exceeds the list of restrictions. Therefore this product can safely be used in cookery and to please the relatives and guests with tasty culinary masterpieces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team