Nail extension: gel or acrylic?

Nail extension: gel or acrylic?

only the one who does it, but also the one to whom it is done has to know about all aspects of manicure. Acrylic would seem – it is universal, but recently more and more people give preference to gel why? And in what these two technologies differ?

The similarity of acrylic and gel certainly exists. First they have almost identical chemical composition and a way of hardening. But nevertheless gel takes superiority. Its advantage is that he gives all the best very thinly, thereby opening a door to creativity of the master-manikyurshchika.

The technology of the opaque (camouflaging) gel allows to correct any shortcomings of native nails. Besides variety of tones gives the chance with 100% probability of pick up the color which is ideal under the client's hands. Thanks to technology of covalent communication very strong communication with nails at the cellular level is provided for this reason nails under gel do not exfoliate. Gels are hypoallergenic therefore such manicure is absolutely safe also for sensitive to chemicals and even for pregnant women.

But you increased gel nails and remained are dissatisfied? Everything was at all not as it is written in this article? In what a problem? It concerns acquired by the master gelev. For certain they not authentic and respectively the quality is absent too.

The manicure made low-quality materials usually does not give in to beautiful modeling, nails exfoliate, crack, fade. Such nails look thick and inaccurate.

How does the manicure executed by quality gel have to look?

First, color has to correspond to the client's hands. For this purpose it is necessary to add to the warm modeling gel a little color gels, only thus it is possible to reach harmony. 30-50% of nail length are considered the ideal length of the increased nail. As for a form – it depends on hands (length and thickness of fingers). Concerning decorating of manicure is the most interesting, but also most difficult part of work. Decorating them with something drawn by hand, you do them by unique creation. And it is not possible to lose sight of such manicure, it will be graceful, smart and at the same time not bright.

Nevertheless article had to consider and acrylic. I will tell you in confidence if the true expert really worked at your nails – it is not possible to distinguish acrylic from gel almost. If you have more to liking acrylic, you should not pass to gel only because so does the majority. Choose that it is more to taste to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team