Value of vitamins

Value of vitamins

the course of activity of the person in his organism constantly there is a metabolism. It is connected with creation of new cages and replacement of old. These processes happen with direct participation of accelerators of exchange processes, so-called enzymes which part vitamins are.

Connection between vitamins and processes of digestion of feedstuffs and also performance of the functions by the major human organs is established. In other words, vitamins take active part in regulation of the major functions of an organism. Therefore the person, along with proteins, fats, carbohydrates and mineral salts has to receive vitamins and other, biologically active agents with food.

The role of vitamins B development of the growing organism is big. Therefore the shortcoming or lack of any given vitamins B a food allowance of the person leads to noticeable violations of vital processes and developing of such diseases as avitaminosis and hypovitaminoses.

Avitaminosis – the deep metabolic disorder caused by a long absence in food of separate or whole groups of vitamins.

Hypovitaminoses – the vitamin starvation of an organism coming at consumption of food with insufficient content of vitamins in it.

Now the mass diseases connected with systematic shortage in food of vitamins in Ukraine are completely liquidated. However in some regions of the country, questions of hypovitaminoses remain not completely solved. This problem can be successfully solved only on condition of arms of a general population by knowledge of a balanced diet, a role and value of vitamins for a human body.

It should be noted that vitamins B a human body are not formed, they arrive only with food and the external environment.

All vitamins B our reference book.

The Gipovitaminozny state is usually observed during separate seasons, especially in winter and spring time as during these periods the range of fresh vegetables is limited, fruit, greens in food, and the content of vitamins B products is reduced. Hypovitaminoses can result also from violation of technology of cooking.

The need of an organism for vitamins changes depending on age, sex, a profession, climate, the state of health, intensity of work. Most the following vitamins are important for activity of the person: from water-soluble C, P, B1, B2, B6, PP vitamins, and from fat-soluble – A, D, E.

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