As documents on the property of the apartment look

As documents on the property of the apartment look

For carrying out any actions with the real estate, it is necessary to provide documents which confirm the right of possession to it. They are necessary at sale, donation of the apartment, in case of registration of registration or temporary registration.

Documents on the right of tenure, so-called title, in different cases look differently. The package of documents on residential building considerably differs from similar package on working or office room. And if to know the list of necessary papers on possession of warehouse or shop for the average citizen often there is no need, information on how documents for the apartment look, is obliged to know and acquire everyone. Without knowing about it, it is easy to get on rod to swindlers, to buy nonexistent premises and to lose money forever.

What documents confirm the property right to the apartment

The package of documents on the apartment can look differently, how it has been received.

One of the main documents – the contract or the act indicating way of receiving the apartment. In case of registration of privatization on housing the basis of property is the act or the contract of transfer by the city (the village, the settlement or other municipal unit) of real estate object in favor of the individual. If the apartment has been bought or exchanged for another, the contract of exchange or purchase and sale which is certified by the signature of the notary is made out. Donation, receiving in inheritance or life annuity, shared-equity construction of the building, replacement of the demolished housing or the resolution of court are also confirmed by documents of the state sample and are certified by the lawyer having the right to it.

The second important document is certificate on property. It is issued in public service of the Federal Registration Service or so-called BTI, is issued only on the form with stamp symbolics and stamping. At paperwork for sale, donation or inheritance of the real estate also technical data sheet of the apartment or house which externally looks as detailed plan or the drawing, with the indication of quantity, location, the sizes and descriptions of inhabited and non-residential premises, the scheme of communications and the indication of their look is required.

How to verify authenticity of documents for the apartment

Upon purchase of the apartment it is necessary to make sure of so-called purity of documents, that is the real estate should not be burdened by debts on taxes, documents have to be original. Before signing of the contract of purchase and sale, donation or exchange, the buyer has the right to request confirmation of their authenticity in registration bodies. At visual verification of the package of documents it is necessary to pay attention to date of registration of certificates and acts, availability of all signatures with their interpretation and accurate prints of all necessary seals, on them there should not be corrections or blots.

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