6 ways of bleaching of teeth without use of chemical means

for selfie can become anything. But the dim smile can make timid even the biggest fan to arrange to itself and other people of photoshoot. But you should not turn aside from cameras. Instead it is possible to put teeth in order by means of natural, delicate ways which combine homeopathic remedies, experience of authoritative stomatologists and skills of healthy food.


  1. To use less coffee and red wine. Saturated drinks, such as these notorious "dyes", get to microscopic deepenings on the surface of enamel, leaving behind unattractive spots. Over time frequent consumption of coffee and red wine will turn these pearl-white teeth into dim yellow. Therefore it is necessary to abstain from dark liquids, or it is essential to limit their quantity if completely it is impossible to stop the use for some reason.
  2. To rinse teeth apple cider vinegar. Received by fermentation of apples, this often advertized "superproduct" contains the cleaning enzymes, pectins and minerals which naturally improve balance of pH (acidity measure) in mouth. Acid properties also eliminate this yellow shade.
  3. To apply paste from turmeric. You should not doubt because of its doubtful orange color - this spice is the integral component of holistic medicine. Actually, active ingredient of turmeric - curcumine, has antiseptic properties which erase the formed dental plaque, opening pearl whiteness under it. It is necessary just to rub teeth mix of turmeric and water within about five minutes, then to carefully rinse mouth then to use usual toothpaste.
  4. To use crude vegetables. The crispy structure of crude pieces of plant origin, for example, fruit, vegetable and oreshny, creates the grinding effect which helps to clean off spots on the surface of teeth and at the same time to stimulate production of the saliva deleting the food remains. Besides, natural acids, the knitting substances, vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients will create environment where bacteria will hardly breed in mouth
  5. To bridle in itself the sweet tooth. If it is impossible to resist this glazed donut or the remained cake on table, then the risk for health will appear even more, than potential increase in weight. Part of the refined sugar in these "pleasures" will stick to teeth, stimulating the progressive growth of bacteria. After all, these bacteria turn into dental plaque which causes enamel decolorization, its destruction and even carious cavities.
  6. To replace toothbrush. Approximately after three months of continuous use the majority of bristles of toothbrush will become worn-out and inefficient. That is why stomatologists recommend to replace toothbrush with newer model as soon as signs of wear appear. It provides careful removal of spots on the surfaces of teeth and also deep cleaning of dental plaque in remote cracks between teeth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team