What products are necessary for a beautiful figure and a healthy organism

What products are necessary for a beautiful figure and a healthy organism

Many problems with health are caused by improper feeding. The "orange-peel" which is visually spoiling a female figure can appear from behind it on a body. It is necessary to deal with many problems from within, adding food, useful to beauty and health, to a diet.

Cereal flakes

Flakes from bran or oats for breakfast are the chief assistant in fight against cellulitis. It is a source of cellulose which supplies the person with energy for all day that leads to a loss of appetite, and together with it and weight. Besides, cereal flakes contain a set of the antioxidants not only keeping beauty and health, but also prolonging organism youth.


It is possible to call this vegetable one of the main enemies of "orange-peel". Broccoli contains a large amount of the vitamins, minerals and substances promoting removal of slags from intestines. Copper which contains in broccoli does skin elastic and elastic.


Paprika contains the substances "burning" subcutaneous fat and slags and excess of liquid bringing out of an organism. Any kind of paprika is capable to strengthen work of digestive tract and to clean vessels. If there are no contraindications, it is necessary to include in a diet burning pepper, and not just sweet.


It is the vitamin C source capable to compete with a citrus. In day it is enough to eat only 40-50 g of parsley that the organism received the majority of vitamins and minerals, necessary for it.


Eggplants contain not only useful vitamins, but also the substances promoting production of collagen without which skin loses elasticity and grows old ahead of time. At the expense of food fibers the motive function of intestines is stimulated, the zhelcheotdeleniye improves, food is digested quicker, the feeling of saturation remaining for long time is created.


The unique property of nuts is that they improve all exchange processes happening in an organism. Many nuts contain vitamin E in a large number, and he directly is responsible for beauty of skin and health of an organism.


Very tasty fruit, but in its diet there shouldn't be much as bananas contain a large number of calories. Potassium and B6 vitamin effectively save from застоев liquids in an organism, and magnesium allows to cope with stresses and bad mood which often lead to overeating.

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