As it is necessary to apply powder

As it is necessary to apply powder

means of powder it is possible to achieve qualitative make-up, to disguise pigmental spots, inflammations. It levels skin color, hides enlarged pores, gives to skin dullness.


  1. Choose powder which is suitable for your type of skin. If you have dry skin, use compact powder as it contains fats. On the sunbathed skin terracotta powder perfectly looks, it can be used as alternative to blush. Liquid cream powder also will be suitable for dry and normal skin, but girls with oily skin should not apply it as she will only emphasize defects. For the fat and mixed skin the friable means will be the most optimal variant.
  2. Select powder in tone to foundation. For evening make-up use powder one tone lighter than face skin.
  3. You apply very few powder if skin dry, fat powder slightly large number of means. Powder skin during the day if it begins to shine. At first blot skin with thin tissue, it will absorb surplus of skin fat, then put means.
  4. You powder face after foundation is absorbed, otherwise powder will lay down unevenly. You put means with sponge or wide brush. Powder with brush cheekbones and side parts of the face. Apply with sponge powder on nose, forehead and chin.
  5. Use special powder with anti-inflammatory additives if your skin easily inflames and is inclined to rashes. In this case it will be more reasonable to put means by means of disposable cotton pad.
  6. Do not use daily powder with spangles, it is suitable only for evening make-up. It is necessary to apply brilliant cosmetics on cheekbones, without affecting forehead, nose and chin.
  7. Use powder of light green color to hide spots, blood vessels, the inflamed sites. Apply it only on problem zones, then from above walk on them brush with usual powder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team