As quickly and with small expenses to build the shed

As quickly and with small expenses to build the shed

At the dacha or on personal plot for storage of garden tools, firewood or some construction materials the small shed which can quite be built quickly the hands is surely necessary.

The shed belongs to farm buildings which intend for storage of various objects. Including shovels, pitchfork, garden stock, firewood, bicycles and other household accessories.

To build the shed the hands, it is necessary to be prepared for this process thoroughly.

What to be necessary for construction of the shed

First, if to build the shed independently, then it is necessary to think of tools. For this purpose the axe, hacksaw or the chainsaw, the hammer, the screw driver, tape measure, level, shovel, nails, self-tapping screws, butt hinges for door and the small lock is required.

Secondly, it is necessary to pick up the cheapest material for construction. For this purpose wooden construction materials, namely bars of 100х100 mm and roofing boards or the croaker will be ideal for covering of walls. It is possible to stale roof of the shed or, or roofing material. The second option cheaper, but first more durable. For the small base it is possible to use several ceramic bricks.

How to build the shed cheap and quickly the hands

For a start choose the space for this farm building. It has to be equal without stagnation of water during rain. Better if it is the small sublime place. Each person chooses the shed sizes independently. For storage of construction materials it has to be about 4х3 m, for garden stock – 3х2 m and so on.

As sawn timber is sold at 6 m, the sizes of 3х3 meters and in height of 2 m will be ideal option of the shed.

At first on corners do brick small columns in two-three rows. The lower bars will lean on them. The same columns in addition establish in the middle of walls. Do the lower binding by bar 100х100. Then attach the racks 2 m high from the same bar to it. The spacing of props should not exceed 1.5 m. And from that party where there will be roof slope, height of racks is reduced by 20-30 cm. Further do the top bandaging. For it it is possible to use already boards of 100х50 mm. Near corner posts establish struts which will hold the shed.

At the next stage of construction establish logs for roof. For this purpose use bar 100х100. The distance between them has to be 1 m. Then the roof is sewn up with furring from roofing boards with step of 15 cm under slate and 5 cm for roofing material. Roof any of these chosen materials, having sheets from bottom side.

Walls sew up with eaves boards or to croakers with splats. For fastening of boards it is possible to use nails or self-tapping screws. From face side of the shed leave aperture for door of 1.8 m in size in height and 80 cm in width. The door is also done of eaves boards under this size. Windows are not provided in this farm building, but at the request of them it is also possible to make independently. Instead of glass the polycarbonate scrap will approach. Paule is not in such constructions need too to do. It will increase costs of construction. If nevertheless in plans the production of floor is, then at first stack on the lower bars logs with step of 80 cm, and then lay floorboards, nailing up them. Such shed will serve several years.

This way allows to build quickly and qualitatively the hands the cheap shed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team