Bamboo: care in house conditions and cultivation

Bamboo: care in house conditions and cultivation

Throughout many centuries the bamboo was considered as sacred plant in Southeast Asia, from it produced various amulets which helped the owners to grant desires and to resist to struggles of life. And though plant which sell in flower shops under the name room bamboo — completely different (its scientific name Sander's Dragon Tree), it is "happiness tree" and fine decoration of interior too. At the same time the decorative bamboo can grow without special care even not in the most favorable for it conditions.

Features of care for room bamboo

The plant is unpretentious. But that it looked healthy and pleased you with the growth and development, it is necessary to consider several features of care for it. First, the bamboo does not love direct sunshine. Pick up for its arrangement the place in half-shade, for example, it can be table or the shelf located about window.

Water room bamboo as often as possible. Use of soft rain or melt water will be the best option for watering. It can quite be replaced also with ordinary tap water, but in this case it is necessary to prepare it. Pour liquid in plastic bottle and put it in the freezer. When water in capacity completely stiffens and will turn into ice, get it and let stand at least during the day.

Some flower growers recommend to grow up bamboo not in soil, and in water or hydrogel. This way especially is suitable for busy persons or those who are forced to leave the house often. Prepare superficial flat dish for plant, fill a little pebble or small stones which previously carefully wash out on bottom, and fix in them bamboo. Pour soft water or lay out hydrogel. In such "vase" it is necessary to change water at least once a week. At the same time time in 3 months feed up bamboo special mineral fertilizers. You dissolve them according to the instruction and add to water at its full replacement in vessel.

Reproduction of room bamboo

There are beliefs that the quantity of stalks of "happiness tree" well influences certain spheres of life. So, the composition from three stalks of bamboo brings good luck, from five — welfare if at plant seven stalks, then at owners considerably improve health, and twenty one will promote improvement of affairs. Similar compositions from room bamboo — quite expensive therefore many make multiple copies this plant. The most widespread ways — division of stalk and reproduction by the top shanks. Take long stalk of bamboo and knife it scalpel or sharp on several parts that about 2 or 3 crossing points on everyone have turned out. Grease the top cuts with the melted wax, but consider that it should not be hot as it is possible to burn plant easily. Put shanks for rooting in damp soil and cover from above with half of plastic bottle. You keep shanks in this mini-small greenery until they take roots. The fastest way for rooting — reproduction by top shanks, but in this case you receive only one new plant from each stalk. Cut off upper part of plant with leaves and 2-3 interstices sharp and clean knife. Grease the place of cut on parental plant with wax. Put shanks in water. After they give roots, land in damp soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team