Carpet or linoleum: what it is better to choose?

Carpet or linoleum: what it is better to choose?

It is possible to carry out high-quality finishing of floor by means of different materials. Today such coverings as carpet and linoleum enjoy wide popularity. To some extent their characteristics are similar. But all the same between these materials there are noticeable distinctions which when choosing specific way of repair of floor need to be taken into account.

Strengths of carpet

It is worth using this floor covering to those owners who first of all pay attention to warm and sound insulation. The carpet well protects the room from losses of heat and also does not allow to get into it to noise from the outside. On the surface covered with carpet it is very pleasant to go. Therefore such material ideally will be suitable for the bedroom or the nursery. It is also possible to highly appreciate esthetic opportunities of carpet.

Shortcomings of carpets

On the other hand, the carpet is not too practical. It pretty fast becomes soiled, saves dust, spoils from moisture. To look after it it is difficult as this material long dries, it is crumpled and causes the mass of additional inconveniences. To bring smells out of carpet too it is incredibly problematic.

Strengths of linoleum

This material is ideal for owners who want to make repairs, without spending many means. Linoleum costs not much, but easily copes with moisture and pollution. The similar floor covering does not absorb smells, well resists to abrasion and mechanical loadings. Modern types of linoleum possess high warm and sound insulation. And, at last, linoleum is suitable almost for any rooms, including the living room, the bathroom and kitchen.

Linoleum shortcomings for floor

The main minus of linoleum is its not most presentable exterior. Besides, the majority of options of such material possesses slippery surface. Also linoleum cannot be subjected to serious heat impacts as it can be deformed because of it.

What material to choose

Now it is possible to tell more precisely what of these coverings it is better to get. If the owner first of all needs unpretentious and cheap floor, it is more rational to stop on linoleum. The same owners for whom the cosiness and comfortable microclimate are on the first place will suit carpet more.

It is necessary to remind: the called advantages of both products are observed only on condition that quality material is acquired. Therefore it is impossible to buy it from doubtful sellers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team