Design registration of windows in kitchen. Original ideas

Design registration of windows in kitchen. Original ideas

The design of kitchen is not less important, than design of premises, people spend a lot of time there. At the same time one of basic elements of development of interior is registration of windows which does not come down only to the choice of curtains or curtains at all.

The choice of registration of windows has to correspond to the common style decision of kitchen, as well as all apartment. If the design of kitchen is executed in style hi-tech or minimalism – blinds will be best of all to look. Curtains from the heavy, saturated on color fabrics will be suitable for classical or vintage interior. The interior in style of country or Provence assumes easy print curtains in cage or floret.

Choosing fabric for kitchen curtains, it is necessary to pay attention to its resistance to pollution and quality of coloring – paint should not burn out under the influence of sunshine.

Sometimes the interior is carried out in stylistics of certain country. In similar case the drawing of curtains can underline its atmosphere. So, for the English style the most characteristic is the pattern from bouquets of flowers, for French – from the stylized heraldic lilies, and the complex ornamental compositions making impression of refined luxury are inherent to east style.

The choice of color of curtains or curtains influences visual perception of the sizes of the room. Warm colors visually reduce it, at the same time doing to cozier, and cold – increase, creating feeling of spaciousness. Material selection and color scheme depends on to what party there are windows. For sunny side it is better to pick up dense and dark or multilayered fabrics if in kitchen the lack of lighting is felt – curtains from translucent fabric will be suitable for it.

Curtains can be chosen to match walls or furniture, they can not be combined with interior on color, but correspond to its style. However choosing the similar decision, it is better to take advice of the designer.

It is possible to develop 2 options of design of windows – summer and winter as room illumination at different times can significantly differ year. Besides winter curtains can perform the warming function, interfering with receipt to the apartment of cold air therefore it is better to make them more dense. As the original decision it is possible to use bilateral curtains of contrast colors in combination with various solutions of interior.

Stylistically it is possible to unite interior of rooms and kitchen, having chosen for rooms and kitchen of curtain, executed in uniform style.

Also multilayered curtains will look not less interestingly. It is possible to move and interchange the position of layers of various coloring, from time to time bringing any given color layer to the forefront and creating different options of the atmosphere. Horizontal draperies – lambrequins will help to give identity to registration of windows. They can have rigid basis allowing to keep the correct form, or they can fall free folds. Most often lambrequins make of the same or similar fabric, as curtains, but sometimes the lambrequins of contrast color trimmed with frills, tape or fringe originally look. Also they can be used to disguise horizontal blinds. The style and the atmosphere of all premises of kitchen in many respects depend on the choice of registration of windows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team