Fast make-up

Fast make-up

to make toilet, master receptions of fast make-up. These skills are not replaceable when you hurry for work or appointment. Only a quarter of hour - and the full make-up is ready. The main thing is to choose correctly cosmetics and to observe the sequence of its drawing.


  1. The first step – skin moistening. You should not neglect this rule, otherwise the make-up will lay down unevenly and will remain not for long. Soft lotion without alcohol will quickly prepare and will moisten face. With circular motions put it on face cotton pad.
  2. The next stage – basis. The moisturizing cream with light tone effect will be suitable for fast make-up. It will instantly give to the face healthy and well rested look. Owners of oily skin can choose mattifying cream. But be careful – easy to overdry skin.
  3. Foundation can be neglected – in a hurry it is exactly almost impossible to apply it. To camouflage small heat-spots, the burst capillaries or dark circles under eyes, use the proofreader. Choose the proofreader of average density matching skin shade. Also you do not aim at effect of the photoshop – the person mask looks unnaturally.
  4. Set result by friable powder by means of big soft brush. Do not miss this point. Powder gives to make-up the finished look, and to the person – ukhozhennost.
  5. Apply with the same fluffy brush blush of pink, coral or beige-lilac tone on apples of cheeks. For more natural make-up blush can be replaced with powder of color of suntan. The purpose of blush is to structure and refresh the person.
  6. Important point of fast make-up – registration of eyebrows. Brush them with brush (it is possible to use brush from ink) and apply colourless gel or wax. Equal eyebrows instantly give to make-up the finished look. If you are dissatisfied with color of eyebrows or they grow unevenly, it is possible to tint slightly them shadows – those that are intended especially for eyebrows or usual eye shadow of soft gray or brown shade.
  7. For express make-up of eyes enough soft cream shadows and ink. It is better to draw landscapes on centuries in the evening, and it is enough to apply on mobile eyelid neutral tone in the morning – light gray, beige-brown, swampy green or hushfully - lilac – depending on color of eyes, suit and the general idea of the chosen image. Carefully shade shadows brush.
  8. Apply one-two layers of ink on eyelashes, working most accurately, – spidery pads and lumps will obviously not decorate you. You remember - ink of coal-black shade to the person only to burning brunettes. With more gentle appearance it is better for girls to choose dark brown, dark blue or plum colors.
  9. And, at last, make-up of lips. The best option – nonsticky gloss or lipstick of neutral tone. It is possible to do without planimetric pencils – lipstick is applied with thin layer, directly from tube or by means of brush. The quite good idea for morning make-up – gloss pencil or liquid lipstick. Leave drama dark shades for the evening – in a hurry accurately it can cause dark cherry or blood-red tone only to the professional.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team