Fertilizers: how to make good compost

Fertilizers: how to make good compost

If compost is prepared correctly, then it will help the soil to be restored in short terms, will improve its structure and will increase fertility. The productivity from the beds fertilized by compost increases.


1. The best season for creation of kompostnik - fall as during this season on kitchen garden there is a lot of vegetable waste. In the location of kompostnik the ground level needs to be raised. For example, for kompostnik with sizes of one and a half by one and a half meter fill layer of the earth there have to be about 15 centimeters.

2. The site for preparation of compost is divided into 3 parts: one for initial material and two others with tanks for composting and already ready compost.

3. Compost heap in the form of pyramid - the simplest option. On each side the sizes of such pyramid are limited to boards. One more simple option is to dig superficial hole, about 40 cm. It is possible to create special capacity: brick, boards, wire, old barrel. Kompostnik do with two sections, for separate storage of raw and ready compost.

4. That process went quickly, all material is carefully crushed. Material develops layers, being narrowed up, height of pyramid should not exceed one and a half meters. Cover kompostnik with hay, straw or leaves.

5. Enough air has to get to compost heap, otherwise it will just decay. For air exchange the hole needs to be shoveled. During heat the compost pyramid is watered, and during rains covered with cellophane.

6. That air in kompostnik circulated, and was dewatered, its base layer is created from large pieces, and the following layers alternate from brushwood and green waste. The ratio has to be 1:2.

7. For receiving quality humus between layers of waste place animal manure thin layer. All this should be covered with layer of the earth or last year's humus.

8. After compost heap is created, it is necessary to allow it to ripen. Time in few months crude compost mixes up for increase in temperature in heap. From time to time you should not forget about watering of heap of compost.

9. The humous soil will be ready in one or two years, but it is possible to use also raw compost. For acceleration of maturing of compost in 2 months, it is necessary to alternate the crushed material and bird's dung. Thickness of each layer should not be more than 30 centimeters.

10. The smell of ready compost is pleasant smell of the earth and rotten leaves. Ready humus should not be dug over, it is just scattered and leveled rake.

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