Floor Split system: advantages and shortcomings

Floor Split system: advantages and shortcomings

The Split system is kind of the conditioner consisting of several blocks, at the same time the most noisy of them is established outside, on facade of the building or roof, and the internal block is placed indoors. As the internal device Split system are divided into ceiling, floor, wall, cassette and channel. Special attention among them floor conditioners deserve.

The Split system is excellent decision for big country house or office room. Because one of blocks which is the main source of noise is taken out outside, you will comfortably feel even in case turn on the conditioner at full capacity.

Functionality modern floor Split of systems

The majority of modern models are equipped with such function as ability of heating of air that allows to turn on the conditioner in the cold winter when long-distance heating does not cope with the task. In addition, devices are equipped with the timer and the remote control and also filters of air purification and temperature regulator thanks to which there was opportunity to establish the necessary temperature with an accuracy of one degree.

Many models of such conditioners are equipped with displays on which detailed information on operability of the unit and the set microclimate parameters is displayed.

Advantages and shortcomings floor Split system

Floor Split system differ from other models in placement of the internal block on floor. Use such conditioners where it is impossible to install the system of wall type. They are intended for cooling and heating of big rooms.

Floor Split system create powerful air flow because of what becomes impossible to be near the working unit.

Floor Split system have huge amount of advantages. First, it is necessary to refer their mobility and simplicity of mounting to them. Secondly, floor conditioners have stylish look, and therefore they harmoniously look in any design interior of the room. Besides, they can just be put on floor near wall or to build in it, partially or on all depth. It is impossible to make it with ceiling and wall types. Thirdly, all floor Split system are equipped with function of automatic change of air flow that promotes creation of favorable microclimate indoors.

Air streams in floor Split system go from the top diffuser and along floor at the expense of what temperature differences become imperceptible.

Due to placement in the lower part of the room the efficiency of carrying out service of such conditioners considerably increases that allows to exclude additional expenses. Also It should be noted practicality, reliability, convenience of management, low noise level and economy of the place. Any serious shortcomings floor Split system are not revealed, except for the high cost of such conditioners because of what not each family is able to afford to install this system of the house.

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