In what phenomenon of the person as highest being

In what phenomenon of the person as highest being

Need for food, dream, reproduction is inherent in any person. In it it does not differ from an animal at all. But along with natural instincts, qualities which allow it to be considered as the being standing above animals are peculiar to the person.


1. One of them – ability to creativity. The person for years of the existence created many works of art – art cloths, architectural constructions, articles of clothing and life, musical and literary works. Creativity penetrated everything around. The house not just serves the person as the place where it is possible to retire, eat and have a sleep. The house is creatively equipped – curtains hang on windows, sofas and beds are made by covers, on walls – pictures. Even if the person himself is not strong in creation of creative products, he needs that the creative thought of other people proved even in life, surrounded it, doing the world it is finer. It is impossible to meet this need for fauna. The bear does not decorate a den with flowers and ruches from herbs, the bird does not apply any decorative accessories in relation to a nest, the cow does not feel spiritual torments from contemplation of a shed of a poor type. The person not just cannot live in the space containing only functional objects, he is capable to create literally from everything that surrounds it: sand, paper, glass, brick, sounds, paints, threads, letters and words. The creative thought is really phenomenal, and, apparently, its resource does not have a limit.

2. Creativity of the person is closely connected with such qualities as imagination and imagination, ability to dream. The person asks himself questions, looks for on them answers, assumes, dreams. Whether there is life on Mars? It is unlikely your cat asks herself this question and suffers in search of the answer. And maybe, a lion with a crocodile at a leisure, having met at a stream, speculate on this subject? Alas, the fauna is deprived of imagination. And it not only is interesting to the person, he spends many forces, energy, time to check the theory to understand how is actually. And you will not designate this thirst for knowledge by mere curiosity which is peculiar also to animals. Something bigger – like the informative itch pushing the person on creation of new technologies which allow to look more deeply to see it more and to fly up above.

3. Spirituality – one more quality which is not inherent in animals. It would be strange if the dog, for example, reflected on whether she sinned, having selected a bone at a mongrel and as to it now to get to Heaven. In fauna everything is simple – physiology and reflexes. The spirituality, morals, morality, conscience are already luxury of human life.

4. Let's say the reproduction nature demands – animals "went" and continued. Demands a sex human body – it is necessary to make sure whether it contradicts any given public norms (whether in marriage of "individual", whether it is possible this "female"). There are, of course, people who blindly follow the physiological requirements, but society such calls immoral.

5. All these differences of the person I exist only because he is allocated with the instrument of communication – language. Communication allows people to accumulate information, to comprehend it, to generalize, transfer to the next generations. Thanks to it all human descendants can use experience of ancestors that allows them to improve from century to century own life while the development level of animals remains invariable.

6. Even at the beginning of times when people lived in caves and hunted mammoths, all of them equally differed from animals – the imagination prompted to them how to hunt more successfully what tools to create, and the creative thought already gave to these tools more and more organic form. Year after year, a century after a century - and the stick-kopalka evolved to the spaceship. And the elephant both was an elephant, and remained. Unless crushed if to trust assumptions of scientists of the era of giantism existing far back in the past.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team