Vitamins for cheerfulness and energy

Vitamins for cheerfulness and energy

Many, apparently, absolutely healthy people in the medical plan complain of breakdown. At the same time it is necessary to force itself to do something, to fight against drowsiness, apathy alternates with irritability, concentration of attention decreases, thinking is at a loss. Usually these symptoms speak about lack of enough the vitamins B an organism increasing working capacity and giving energy.

Vitamin A (Retinolum). Antioxidant, possesses the rejuvenating action regenerating and accelerating metabolism processes. Strengthens a bone tissue, increases visual acuity, supports nervous system, actively struggles with infections. It is especially important at heavy physical activities or in the work demanding the maximum tension of sight.

Whether you know? In the late nineties the last century scientists grew up the rice enriched with Retinolum for treatment of a children's blindness. But because of the prejudices connected with GMO, gold rice was forbidden WHO.

Some of the best vitamins for energy and cheerfulness consider group B vitamins.

B1 (thiamine). Plays one of key roles in work of a brain: improves memory, slows down processes of cell aging of a brain, provides their supply with blood, oxygen and nutrients. Besides, it well influences central nervous system, improves exchange processes of all organism at the cellular level, sating with necessary energy.

B2 (Riboflavinum). Participates in blood formation, formation of hormones, work of nervous system, exchange processes in an organism, strengthens immunity, increases visual acuity and digestive processes. Riboflavinum levels effect of the toxins which got to an organism.

B3 (niatsin). Promotes the splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, releasing energy from food. Oxygenates a cage, possesses vasodilating action that well affects brain activity. Possesses soothing action, increases concentration of attention.

Learn what leads deficiency of vitamins to.

B6 (pyridoxine). Supports nervous system, preventing depressions. The participant of many metabolic processes, in particular, helps to acquire magnesium which regulates nervous impulses. Besides, maintains protective properties of an organism, takes part in production of hemoglobin, improves working capacity.

B9 (folic acid). Prevents formation of atherosclerotic plaques, normalizes function of a liver, removes toxins, regulates the level of noradrenaline and serotonin. Participates in blood formation and cell fission. Folic acid supports the central nervous system functions and warns anemia. B12 (cyanocobalamine). Normalizes work of the central and peripheral nervous system, accelerates lipidic exchange, reduces cholesterol level, improves coordination of movements and stimulates energy inflow. Reduces irritability, feeling of uneasiness, normalizes a dream.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Makes active protective properties of an organism at the adverse external environment, infections and other diseases. Is antioxidant, helps to remove toxins and products of disintegration of drugs. Also promotes development of noradrenaline, increasing mood.

Whether you know? Residents of besieged Leningrad, to fill a lack of ascorbic acid and to resist to dangerous diseases, such as scurvy, made tea from pine needles.

Vitamin E (tocopherol). Improves a muscular tone, strengthens nervous cages, slows down cell aging, provides their regeneration. Tocopherol normalizes the general hormonal background, stimulates production of sex hormones, strengthens the immune system, is responsible for a condition of skin, hair and nails.

Standard daily rate of vitamins for maintenance of activity and cheerfulness (in the table average values are specified).


Norm for children

Norm for men

Norm for women


1.2 mg

2.0 mg

1.5 mg


1.2 mg

1.4 mg

1.3 mg


1.5 mg

1.7 mg

1.5 mg


12-18 mg

19-21 mg

18-20 mg


0.9 mg

1.5 mg

1.4 mg


0.1 mg

0.4 mg

0.4 mg


1-2 mg

2-3 mg

2-3 mg


30-80 mg

90 mg

90 mg


3.0 mg

11-25 mg

11-25 mg

Important! It is not necessary to accept vitamin monomedicines, without having consulted with the doctor, the surplus of one of elements can lead to serious consequences.

The best source of vitamins are food, will consider what food contain vitamins for increase in a tone and energy.



And (Retinolum)

Carrots, sweet potato, sweet pepper, pumpkin, spinach, parsley, green onions, celery, apricots and peaches, apples, grapes, melon, raspberry, sea-buckthorn, sorrel, sea cabbage, liver, calves, cod-liver oil, milk and dairy products, sour-milk and hard cheeses, eggs

B1 (thiamine)

In dairy products, eggs, pork, pork liver, beer yeast, cabbage, a dogrose, potatoes, the crude cereals and in green buckwheat

B2 (Riboflavinum)

Liver, kidneys, yeast, almonds, hard cheese, cocoa, dates, cottage cheese, oat flakes, wheat and rye flour, fish and meat, green vegetables

B3 (niatsin)

Peanut, yeast, carrots, the Cayenne pepper, almonds, green peas, oats, parsley, peppermint, hips, sorrel, mushrooms, soy, sunflower seeds, whole grains and products from whole cereals, dried apricots, dates, avocado, prunes, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat sprouts, cornmeal, beef liver, a bird, heart, a salmon, cheese, eggs, fish, milk

B6 (pyridoxine)

Bean and integral grain products, yeast, filbert, green sheet vegetables, buckwheat and oat grain, cauliflower

Liver, kidneys, heart, brain, bird, eggs, milk and dairy products, fish roe

B9 (folic acid)

Bean, green sheet vegetables, wheaten sprouts and yeast, cereals, bran, buckwheat and oat grain, bean, citrus (pomelo and grapefruits), yeast, nuts, bananas, melon, apricots, pumpkin, dates, mushrooms, beet, bread, liver, beef, mutton, pork, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products, fish

B12 (cyanocobalamine)

Sea cabbage, soy and soy products, yeast, hop

Liver, kidneys, heart, brains, beef, poultry, fish and seafood, eggs, milk and dairy products

With (ascorbic acid)

All citrus, tomatoes, potatoes, berries (strawberry, blackcurrant), paprika, greens (fennel, green onions, parsley) and cabbage (it concerns both fermented, and usual), dogrose

E (tocopherol)

All types of nuts, dried apricots, sea-buckthorn, spinach, seafood, fish, sorrel, prunes, oat and yachnevy grain

Let's carry out the short analysis of complex vitamins, we will understand what it is better to accept for energy and cheerfulness for the whole day.

Alphabet energy. The complex includes practically all vitamins of group B, extracts of herbs and minerals necessary for an organism. The complex is divided into three types of the tablets developed for each time of day:

  • Morning improves blood supply of vessels of a brain, respectively, increasing thought processes, ability to storing.
  • Day provides protection against negative impact of the external environment, maintains immunity during the day, improves power supply of an organism, increasing resistance to loadings.
  • Evening takes off fatigue and the nervous tension which collected in a day, regulates a dream, helping an organism to be restored.

Dopel Gerts Energotonik. The structure contains the majority of elements of group B, minerals: iron, copper, calcium and others, tinctures and oils of herbs. This complex of vitamins is developed not only for increase in working capacity and mood, but also for support and rehabilitation after the postponed diseases or surgical intervention.

Means is shown for prevention and treatment of avitaminosis, anemia, for stimulation of mental activity, removes toxins, improves a metabolism.

Important! The complex is contraindicated to pregnant women and nursing mothers, patients with insufficiency of a liver and kidneys in the anamnesis.

Vitrum Energy. In structure all group B, except it vitamins A, E, C, a large number micro and macrocells is listed. Medicine normalizes work of the majority of systems of an organism: digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and immune.

Energy vitamins protect from stresses and depressions; activate mental activity: increase attention and ability to storing. Medicine is often appointed for rehabilitation after surgeries, at treatment of anorexia and nervous breakdowns, to people whose work is connected with big physical activities.

Not always the need for one of vitamins necessary for an organism can be satisfied by means of food, especially it is felt during the autumn and winter period when there is no majority of fresh vegetables and fruit, greens. It is possible to fill a stock by means of vitamin medicines, previously having discussed a problem with the doctor.

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