How often to water cucumbers in the open ground

How often to water cucumbers in the open ground

Both experienced vegetable growers, and beginners are engaged in cultivation of cucumbers. Depending on way of cultivation the care for these plants will differ, but it is necessary to consider the need of plants for particular temperature condition, humidity and timely waterings.

Features of cultivation of cucumbers in the open ground

Cucumbers – natives of hot India therefore for receiving good harvest it is required to create them the conditions corresponding to tropical. At cultivation in the open ground to make it happens not easy therefore gardeners should go on various cunnings to protect gentle plants from cold dew, norths, rains, diseases and wreckers.

The warm manure bed perfectly is suitable for cultivation of cucumbers without greenhouse. For this purpose at the end of April – the beginning of May gardeners stack manure from the krupnorogaty cattle 70-80 cm high, spill water and cover with dark film. In these conditions there is fermentation of biological material, manure is warmed to 55-60os. In such conditions all wreckers perish, and nutrients after fermentation are available to roots of cucumbers.

Besides great food, in such bed the moisture content, optimum for cucumbers, and temperature remains. If there is no opportunity to use manure, it is possible to replace it with compost from weeds or hay, but in that case instead of water it is necessary to use warm solution of urea to accelerate compost maturing. Emergence on manure bed of white mycelium, and then and mushrooms means that temperature in it is optimum for jumping of cucumbers. It is possible to put as previously wetted seeds, and seedling of cucumbers, but it is worth remembering that these plants badly transfer damages of roots therefore seedling needs to be planted initially in separate glasses. For weather proofing the bed is closed film or nonwoven ukryvny fabric.

How to water cucumbers in the open ground

It is better to water plants in the evenings, after 18-19 hours local time. At this time plants are most susceptible to watering, and there is no strong heat any more. Water till the morning manages to be absorbed to the earth, and drops of dew dry, without causing burns on leaves. In the morning and it is not recommended to water in the afternoon cucumbers as in this case water quickly evaporates, without managing to reach roots, and on film condensate is formed at night that leads to development of various diseases. Cucumbers demand daily abundant watering, especially, if there is hot dry weather. For watering it is necessary to use watering can with the breaker plate, to make waterings on all bed, including leaves of plants and the soil around them. It is better to use the warm water heated in the sun as from cold water the backs of cucumbers die off. If there is strong heat, it is possible to place in addition on cucumber beds of container with water – evaporating, water increases humidity that favorably affects condition of plants. If air temperature has decreased and rains have gone, daily watering is not required any more, but it is necessary to watch condition of the soil and to water cucumbers as required. Overwetting of soil leads to rotting of roots and growth of fungal infections. The soil around roots needs to be zamulchirovat humus or peat to avoid their overdrying and to keep moisture. Having taken all features into account, it is possible to achieve receiving quite good harvests of this whimsical culture.

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