How to bend copper pipes

How to bend copper pipes

Construct water supply system from copper pipes with a diameter up to 28 mm. Pipe length in the bay is 50 meters that allows to carry out laying without additional connections on long distances, at the same time often there is need to make bend.

It is required to you

  • - blowpipe;
  • - specialized pipe bender;
  • - specialized spring.


1. Work with copper pipes much simpler, than with steel. It is possible to bend copper pipes on the place of mounting, without involving additional experts. Annealed copper very flexible and it it is possible to bend hands under big radius. But at the same time it is possible to bend pipe only once. After once made bend the plasticity of pipe is lost. It is possible to restore it, using blowpipe. Make short-term heating, and quickly correct bend in the necessary direction.

2. In the same way it is possible to make big bends not of annealed copper pipes. Heat the right places blowpipe, quickly make the necessary bend. At the wrong bend heat pipe again, correct bend in the necessary direction.

3. For small bend radius use special purpose tools. As specialized tools serve pipe benders and springs.

4. Use of the specialized pipe bender helps to make bend of the necessary form, without resorting to heating or annealing. For use of the pipe bender fix it on the necessary site, bend pipe in the necessary direction under necessary degree. The pipe bend with diameter of 28 mm can be done to any, but at the same time inside diameter has to be kept not less, than 14 mm in the end result. At stronger bend the water current in the pipeline will be slowed down.

5. When using specialized spring always you make warming up of copper pipe up to the temperature of 450-550 degrees. After warming up quickly bend pipe, having directed it in the necessary direction.

6. If you work with copper pipes which inside diameter exceeds 28 mm, then irrespective of, you use the pipe bender or spring, previously heat pipe to 450-550 degrees. Such type of heating is used for the burned and not burned copper.

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