How to build in the TV in kitchen

How to build in the TV in kitchen

The modern hostess spends considerable part of the time in kitchen. Therefore the TV in this room – not so much luxury, how many need. If the decision to equip kitchen with the equipment is made, it is necessary only to realize it competently. The main thing at placement of the TV – maintaining functionality and convenience.

It is required to you

  • - TV;
  • - self-made shelf;
  • - bracket;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - power drill;
  • - screw-driver.


1. Think over way by means of which you will build in the TV room interior. It is defined by receiver type, availability of free space and suitable elements of situation. It is the most convenient to plan installation of the TV even before installation of pieces of kitchen furniture and household appliances.

2. If you are going to equip kitchen with the furniture custom-made in advance provide the place for the TV. For this purpose it is enough to make the open shelf which internal space will allow to place the equipment in the lower part of one of hinged lockers. In sidewall of such shelf make opening for the feeding cord and antenna cable.

3. For that situation when the TV is going to be built in ready interior of the room in which there is empty corner, mount the self-made shelf with the triangular basis there. Such form allows to save space, and if necessary it is easy for regiment to dismantle or use for placement of any other pieces, for example, of household appliances or flower vase.

4. Hang the television receiver with the flat screen in the simplest case on free wall, using the special devices which are built in back wall. If desired the flat screen can be decorated with decorative baguette. The lack of such way of fastening is that it does not allow to change position of the screen concerning the viewer.

5. For installation of the TV with the flat screen use also special bracket allowing to change at will visual angle when viewing. Define the place where the screen will be located. It has to provide first of all comfortable viewing programs when you sit at table. Attach to wall bracket by means of dowels and self-tapping screws. Install the TV and adjust its situation on wall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team