How to choose and buy expensive wall-paper

Doing repair in the apartment, people ask question, than to finish walls. Today finishing in the form of wall-paper is considered the most practical, safe and esthetic. Correctly to choose wall-paper, it is necessary to possess information concerning type and material of production of products.

Finishing of walls: we choose wall-paper

Those who are able to master simple technology for gluing of wall-paper can trim walls with paper wall covering. Despite fragility, their popularity does not decrease over the years owing to the low cost. Distinguish single-layer, two-layer and three-layer wall-paper. Thanks to development of technologies in consumers there is opportunity to buy the high-quality wall-paper having wear resistance, good sound-proof parameters, moisture-proofness and durability. It is possible to distinguish the following types of wall-paper from huge variety:

- flizelinovy;

- vinyl; - glass-fiber;

- textile.

Subtleties of the choice of wall-paper

The choice of wall-paper has to be based on functional features of rooms and type of finishing of walls. For example, on sandy plaster it is impossible to glue paper or flizelinovy wall covering of light tones as further through them the yellowness will appear. More dense wallpaper coverings can become the solution of this task.

As for the invoice then the choice is based on individual tastes. Though here it is necessary to follow certain rules: in small rooms it is better to glue wall-paper with the small drawing, and large ornament it will be good to look in more spacious rooms. Also when choosing wallpaper coverings the room illumination is considered. For light rooms the designers advise to get opaque wall-paper of gentle tones with the drawing of dark color. To light rooms it is recommended to glue wall-paper with glossy surface with the light drawing. If wall surface ideally equal, then it is possible to glue thin wall-paper of light shade safely. While relief and multilayered can hide defects of walls. In the construction market the moisture resistant and washing wall-paper is offered.

Distinctive features of wall-paper

Flizelinovy wall-paper belongs to the class of the products made of natural fabrics. It is possible to tell that it is golden mean between vinyl and paper wall covering. On the environmental friendliness and durability this material exceeds other types of wall-paper. The popularity of vinyl wall coverings is caused by their durability. They are used in rooms with the high level of humidity, besides this wall-paper is processed by special antifungal structure. Now we will talk about expensive looks of wall-paper. The smartest and expensive are textile. Natural coverings are applied on paper basis: linen, viscose, silk, velor, cotton, jute and others. The invoice can be the most various. Simple single-layer or multilayered. To buy wall-paper of different designs, producers and price categories it is possible through online stores. That most to feel and evaluate goods, it is necessary to visit salons in which actions are regularly carried out and magnificent discounts are offered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team