How to choose cable on power

How to choose cable on power

Most often when choosing electrical wire count cable section on power. It occurs for the reason that in documents which are attached to electric devices and on the special plates attached to their back wall, the value of the power necessary for operation of any given equipment is specified. Quite often for more exact calculation of power are specified peak value of power of the electric device.

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - calculator.


1. Correctly picked up cable on capacities, namely its section, will allow to ensure trouble-free operation of all electric equipment. The washing machine, cable, the microwave and other household appliances without which it is quite difficult to provide life of the modern person work from electricity transmitted through cable. If its section is insufficient, wiring will regularly overheat that will lead to destruction and total loss of properties of isolation. At the same time you should not choose section "with stock" as it is unprofitable from financial side. All this says that carrying out the correct calculation is just necessary.

2. For this purpose it is necessary to calculate the total power consumption which is necessary for ensuring operation of all household appliances and electric equipment used in the apartment. For example, if you need to make laying of electric wiring in the house with use of the VVG cable, write down the list of all equipment on separate paper.

3. On electric equipment the producer the special label with information on characteristics of the device fastens. Measuring units of power are the Watts and Kilowatts designated by letters of W and KW respectively. Write down the power of each device and summarize all values.

4. If in the sum at you it has turned out 20000 W that corresponds to 20 kW, then the maximum load on your electric wiring will be equal to 20 kW an hour. It taking into account that all devices will be switched on. But as a rule, they are seldom turned on at the same time therefore it is necessary to define the number of the devices used at the same time. Let's say it will be 80%. Therefore value which has been received at summation of capacities of the equipment it will be necessary to increase by coefficient 0.8. The received result will also need to be used when calculating cable.

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