How to choose turning lathe

How to choose turning lathe

Modern turning lathes are the machines equipped with set of operations and functions which allow to make various actions with metal, transforming it to the necessary figures or doing in it special openings. At all this the quality of works on turning lathe fully depends on quality of the used equipment. Today there is big set of turning lathes among which it is heavy to make choice even to the professional.


1. Define for yourself in what purposes the machine will be used, there will be this large-scale production or just works one-two times a month. The combined machines which are equipped set of special functions, such as longitudinal and cross sawing up, drilling of openings, etc. are the most popular and demanded.

2. Be defined whether the mill is necessary to you. In case this function is necessary and important for you, then selectturningthe machine which has opportunity to work as mill is better than all . In that case you will be able to save on additional equipment, having got everything in one machine.

3. Pay attention to the price of turning lathes, they considerably differ from each other, and it depends not only on brand, but also and on other important qualities of the device. So, than the turning tool is more expensive, those, respectively, can make more operations on it. Besides, will cost more expensively and the machine of foreign producer.

4. Choose model according to the preferences. Thus, it is possible to save on machine cost, having just chosen that which has the smallest, but functionality necessary for you. It is not necessary to choose whole "combines", its many functions will hardly be able to be useful to you sometime.

5. Essential role is played also by the power consumption of turning lathe. The it is more, the, respectively, the machine is more productive. Here too it is important to consider its application as, for example, for processing of one-two parts from soft alloy, it is hardly necessary to buy the expensive machine with big consumption of power.

6. Look how edges what effective depth and width has spent on drink are located has the unit, etc. Study the instruction attached to the machine learn the term of after-sales service and make right choice.

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